Did you know name meanings reveal your secrets?


Name meanings are important in understanding a person's actions. Can you describe a Joshua? Have you found the Joshua's that you know to be brilliant and obnoxious? When someone says Raquel, do you already have a preconceived idea about her? Is she pretty? There are defined characteristics that match every name. Individual name meanings can be derived regardless if you have a typical name or one that is totally made up.


First Name Meaning

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Has anyone ever told you that you don’t look or act like your name? What is in the name George that makes them leaders? Why are so many superb actresses named Julia? Why are Cheryls intellectual, Stephanies stubborn and Dons mechanically inclined? These questions and more are answered within this site.

Have you ever felt that you are unable to communicate clearly? That you want your relationships to improve? That you'd like to be a better salesperson? Any and all of these situations can be improved with the use of Neimology™ Science. Please visit the link named business to see specific ways that Neimology™ Science has helped individuals just like you solve their problems. Neimology™ Science also assists you in knowing yourself better and why you do the things you do. What are the forces that compel you to be the way you are?

Are there some names that you love and others you cannot stand because of someone you know with that name? This underlines an already accepted cultural idea that certain names conjure up some well-defined images.

Wouldn’t you like to know if this is true? Or better yet, would you like to know how to read the personality of less common or exotic names? Do personality traits lay hidden in some mysterious way in a person’s name?

Explore this site and learn about names as you go.

Name Meanings Blog
What does my name mean? Find out and ask questions here.
Political People
Political People
Free first name meanings
Free first name meanings by name expert and Neimology™ Science creator Sharón
First Name Meanings
What first impression is your first name meanings giving to others?
Middle name meanings
Middle name meanings - why do we have middle names?
Last name meanings
Last name meanings represent environmental influences on us
How do nicknames affect personalities?
What does my name mean
What does my name mean? How do you determine what a name means?
Name Analysis
Name analysis can answer questions about you, about your compatability with others, and why you interract with others in certain ways.
Neimology Science origins
Neimology™ Science origins, it's background and how it was created to determine name meanings.
Business Name
Check your Business Name; Does your name represent you accurately? What your business name says to your customers about how you do business.
Effects of Changing Names
How is a person affected when changing names?
business applications
business applications
Two applications of using Neimology™ Science about names are shared.
Find romance
Find romance by knowing your date's name meanings
Giving gifts using names
Giving gifts using names: using clues in the name to give the perfect gift every time.
Top girl names
Top girl names in 2010- Did your name make the top 100?
Top Boy Names
Top Boy Names of 2018 - Are your family's names represented?
Baby Name Meanings
Baby Name Meanings
Parents choosing names
Parents choosing names or do children name themselves?
List of baby names
List of baby names by name expert and Neimology Science creator Sharon Lynn Wyeth
International baby names
International baby names - Does your name appear in multiple cultures around the world?
African American Baby Name Meanings
African American baby name meanings and the increasing uniqueness of each of these names.
Chinese name meanings
Chinese name meanings and how they are determined
Chinese family names
Chinese family names
Hawaiian name meanings
Hawaiian name meanings, what Hawaiian names mean.
Popular Japanese Baby Names
Popular Japanese Baby Names interpreted
Spanish name meanings
Spanish name meanings and their interpretations; look up your name here.
Religious name meanings
Do religious name meanings put a twist on other interpretations of names?
Spiritual name meanings
Spiritual name meanings using Neimology™ Science
Bible names
Bible names listed of all origins
Christian name meanings
Christian name meanings, their traditional interpretations
Hebrew name meanings
Hebrew name meanings, their traditional interpretations
Muslim names for girls and boys
Muslim names for girls and boys, names that have their roots in Islam
Testimonials from people just like you on Neimology Science book
Policies: privacy policy, legal information, terms of use
About Sharón
About Sharón, who is this person who created Neimology™ Science?
Contact Sharón
Contact Sharón; how to reach Sharón so that she can respond to you
Change Your Name
Do you want to legally change your name? Here are some guidelines.
Most Naughty Names
Most Naughty Names Proven by Study

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