African Names begin with B

These are the traditional meanings of African Names begin with B. More than a few words can be said about each of these names when using Neimology™ Science. Check out the blog page for examples of what we mean. They are longer to give you an idea of what we mean, but still incomplete.

Baakir- Eldest

Baako- First born child

Baba- Born on Thursday

Babafemi- Nigerian for my father loves me

Babajide- Father has returned

Babirye- First of twins born with vision, dream vision

Badrani- Full moon

Badriva- Moorlike

Bahati- I am lucky, my back is strong

Bahiya- Beautiful

Bakari- Promising

Bamidele- Follow me home

Barke- Blessings

Barongo- Younger of twin

Baruti- Teacher

Basha- Act of God

Bashaam- Rich

Bashira- Predictor of good news

Basma- A smile

Batuuli- Maiden

Baya- Ugly

Bayyina- Evidence, proof

Bello- Assistant

Bem- Nigerian word for peace

Benada- Born on Tuesday

Berko- First born

Betserai- Zimbabwean name meaning help

Bia- Home

Bimbaya- Ugly lady

Bimdogo- Young lady

Bimkubwa- Great lady

Bimnono- Fat lady

Binah- Dancer

Binta- With God

Bisa- Loved

Bishara- Good news

Bitisururu- Daughter of happiness, good to environment

Boahinmaa- One who has left her community

Bobo- Child born on Tuesday

Bodua- Animal tail

Boipelo- Proud

Boitumelo- Joy

Bolanle- Finds wealth at home

Bomani- Malawian name meaning strong soldier

Bongani- Be grateful

Bornani- Malawian name meaning warrior

Boseda- Nigerian name given to a child born on Sunday

Bosede- Born on Sunday

Bour- Rock

Bron- Origin

Bunme- My gift

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