African Names begin with C

African Names begin with C are:

Chacha- Strong

Chane- Plant

Chausiku- Born at night

Chenzira- Zimbabwean name meaning born while traveling

Chi- Has spiritual guidance, energy

Chiamaka- God is beautiful

Chibale- Kinship

Chibueze- God is king, reality is seen

Chibuike- God is strength

Chibuzo- God leads the way, graceful

Chichi- Diminutive "God"

Chidi- God exists

Chidiebere- God is merciful

Chidiebube- God is glorious, uninhibited

Chidiegwu- God is wonderful, proceed unimpeded

Chidike- God is strong

Chidimma- God is good

Chiemeka- God has performed great deeds

Chijindum- God holds my life

Chika- God is supreme

Chikae- God's power

Chike- Talented, God is the the greatest Chikere- God created peace

Chiku- Chatterer

Chikwuemeka- God has done something great

Chima- God knows

Chimalsi- Proud

Chinasa- God answers

Chinedu- God leads

Chinelo- Talented

Chinonso- God is nearby

Chinua- God protects

Chinue- God's blessing

Chinwe- God owns

Chinweike- God owns the power

Chinwendu- God owns life

Chinweuba- God owns wealth

Chinyere- God gave

Chioke- God's gift

Chioma- Good God

Chionesu- Protector

Chipo- Gift in the summer

Chisulo- Steel

Chiumbo- Small

Chizoba- God protect us

Chuioke- Talented

Chuma- Bead

Chyou- Autumn

Cilombo- Camp by the road

Cinese- God protects

Cong- Intelligent or clever

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