African names begin with G, H, I and J

African names begin with G, H or I follow with their traditional name meanings. However, Neimology™ Science can give detailed information similar to what you read on the first page of African name meanings, only longer. You can order your name interpreted today.

Names begin with G

Not many African names begin with the letter G. This may be due to the Africian culture of each gender following their traditional roles and not causing problems or causing things to change. One of the many things that the leading letter of G represents is being comfortable with change.

Gathoni- She is an in law

Gbemisola- Carry me into wealth

Genet- Eden

Ghalib- Winner

Ghalyela- Precious

Gimbya- Princess

Godana- Male child

Goitsemedime- God knows

Gwandoya- Met with misery

Names begin with H

Haamid- African Grateful

Habib- Beloved

Hadiya- Gift

Haiba- Charm

Halima- Gentle

Halla- Unexpected gift

Hamida- Gracious

Hanna- Happiness

Hasan- Handsome

Hasani- Handsome

Hija- Daughter

Hlengiwe- Nursed

Horus- Hawk

Names begin with I

Idowu- Born after twinsIfe- Rich loveIge- Born with feet firstIggi- Only son

Ikenna- Father's power, intelligent

Imamu- Spiritual leader

Iman- Faith

Imani- Faith, wants to be noticed

Ime- Patience

Imena- Dream

Isabis- Something beautiful

Isingoma- First of twins

Isoke- Satisfying gift

Issay- Hairy

Ita- A war raid

Itumeleng- Joy

Names begin with J

Jaafar- Small River, fairness important

Jabari- Brave, wants attention

Jabarl- Valiant, self-confident with age

Jabilo- Medicine man, famous

Jahia- Prominent

Jahina- Brave, courageous, brilliant

Jamal- Elegance

Jameelah- Chaste

Jamelia- Chaste, beautiful

Jamila- Beautiful

Jamilah- Beautiful, blessing for others

Jelani- Mighty, detective

Jengo- Building, wants to be known

Jina- Named child, close to family

Johanna- God's grace

Juji- Heap of love

Jumaane- Born on Tuesday

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