African Names begin with R, S, T and U

African Names begin with R, S, T and U are shown with their traditional interpretations. However, behaviors and attitudes can also be shown for any name when Neimology® Science is used. See African Name meanings main page for short examples.

African Names begin with R

Rabia- Spring

Rafiki- Friend

Rafiya- Dignified

Raisa- Exalted, raised expectations

Ramla- One who predicts the future, bull-headed

Rashad- Righteous, needs freedom

Rashidi- Thinker, counselor, independent

Rasul- Messenger, seeks new knowledge

Refilwe- We were given, learns about illusions

Reta- Shaken, athletic

Reth- King, deals with conflict well

Ridhaa- Goodwill, works for God

Rudo- Love, fun

Rufaro- Happiness, conflict

Rumbidzai- Praise, seeks attention

Rutendo- Faith, warrior

African names begin with S

Saad- Good fortune, loyal servant

Saada- Helper, devoted to God

Sabra- Patience, revengeful, lack of self-worth

Safara- Her place, fair, deceived

Said- Happy, independent

Salaam- Peach, loyal servant

Saleem- Peaceful, empathic

Salim- Peace, dependable

Sanaa- Art, devoted, conscious, observant

Sanura- Kitten, seeks pleasure

Sauda- Dark complexion, balanced

Sefu- Sword, smart, frank

Sekai- Be humorous, slothful

Semira- Fulfilled, detective, independent

Senwe- Dry grain stalk, learns through actions

Serwa- Noble woman and a jewel, kinesthetic learner

Sethunya- Bloom, flower, grows through conflict

Sibonakaliso- Sign, good communicator

Simba- Lion, strength

Simisola- Rest in wealth, constantly learning

Sipho- Gift, doesn't fit with society, unique

Sisi- Born on Sunday

Sithembile- We trust, conflicted

Siti- Lady, goddess

Sizwe- Nation, guided from within

Ssanyu- Joy, Constant learner

Subira- Patience, competitive

African Names begin with T

Tabita- Graceful, ambitious

Tafadzwa- We are pleased, needs things the same way

Tafari- He who inspires awe, executor of fairness

Tahir- Pure, holy

Taj- Exalted, on high

Tale- Green, shines

Talib- Seeker, athletic, independent

Tamasha- Pageant, hard-worker, freedom fighter

Tanesha- Born on Monday, sees from multiple views

Tanisha- Monday's Child, independent thinker

Taonga- We are thankful, strong, flexible

Tapiwa- Given, playful, excessive

Tariro- Hope, rebellious

Tatenda- Thank you, extremist

Tau- Lion, brave

Tawia- Born after twins, courageous

Temitope- Enough to give thanks, physical

Tenagne- Gold, changeable, tenacious

Tendai- Be thankful, giving thanks

Tendaji- Makes things happen, serves God

Thabo- Joy, Competitive, deals well with conflict

Thandiwe- Loving one, jealous

Thema- Queen, extremist

Themba- Trust, competitive, causes conflict

Thulani- Be quiet, be comforted, happy

Thulile- Is quiet, secure

Tiaret- Lioness, natural ruler

Tichaona- We will see, makes things difficult

Tinashe- God is with us, freedom seeker

Tisha- Strong willed, tenacious

Titilayo- Eternal happiness, atheletic

Tsholofelo- Hope, sharp, intelligent

Tumelo- Faith, confused

African names start with U

Uba- Father, Lord, worshipped

Ubora- Excellence, fair, exacting

Udo- Peace, rememberable

Uduak- Will, desire, leads for God

Ulan- First born twin, wants to better the world

Umar- Longevity, extremist, desires freedom

Umeko- Plum blossom child

Ummi- My mother, emotionally involved

Unathi- God is with us

Uzima- Vitality, self-directed

Uzochi- Seeking God's way, self-absorbed

Uzoma- Good way, doesn't listen to others

Uzuri- Beauty, determined

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