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How did knowing applications of names help Brad get the girl of his dreams?

How do you use applications of Neimology™ Science? Let's see how Brad used it to get the girl of his dreams.

Brad was shy. Others considered him extremely nice, but boring. He just wasn't comfortable talking to girls and definitely didn't know how to interest a girl in him. He had no idea how to start a conversation with a good looking girl, let alone get one to date him.

Brad heard someone else talk about Neimology™ Science and decided to ask questions. He found out that he only knew how to talk in his one style, which left 83% of the population out. He decided to take my half day workshop.

Brad was a quick to catch onto the name patterns and decided to immediately implement what he had learned. The end result? He found the courage to ask the girl of his dreams out. Things progressed from there. To make a long story short, they recently purchased a house together.

Knowing how names influence communication styles assisted Brad in getting the girl of his dreams to not only date him, but marry him.

How knowing names helped change a walk-in to a buy-in

Keith's girlfriend used applications of Neimology™ Science to turn two people who failed to connect into a making a business deal.

Keith knew precisely what car he wanted prior to walking into the car dealership and was ready to buy. Yet, within five minutes of the salesman greeting him, Keith was ready to walk out. Why? Unknowingly the salesman had greeted Keith in the wrong manner and proceeded to talk to Keith using Keith's opposing style.

This salesman had a one in six chance of randomly choosing the right style to greet his prospective client. Those aren't the best odds if you want to make your sale. Luckily for this salesman, Keith's girlfriend had taken my half day workshop and helped the two men come to an understanding.

Keith got his car and the salesman made his sale. But what if Keith's girlfriend had not learned about names?

Could a half day investment help you?

Is this where I want to work?

You can use applications of Neimology™ Science to decide where the best is for you to work. Suppose you were trying to decide if Levi's would be an appropriate place for you, if you would be happy working there. The name Levi convey that you will work for a company that is confident, cares about the employee's feelings, has great appeal and a place where your work will be noticed.

If you are a person who likes to show up to work, get the job done and not be noticed, then Levi's is not the place for you as what you do at work will be noticed here per their name. Conversely, if you want recognition for your contribution, then Levi's name states that this is a match.

This is just one of the many ways you can use the applications of Neimology™ Science to your advantage.

A half day investment could change your life

Want to use different applications of Neimology™ Science in your life? A half day learning one key feature in all first names can change your understanding of others. You'll know how to greet a person, start a conversation, and best yet, how to sell so the person wants to buy. What is that worth to you?

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