Do you want to pick the ideal name for your new baby? Then baby name meanings is the right place.

Baby name meanings differ according to origin and/or culture. So, in our list below, you may see duplicate names, as that indicates the root of the name is claimed by more than one culture.

Notice that on the tabs to the left, the names are listed under the different headings so that you can see the unique baby girl names and unique baby boy names as well as international baby names. The common interpretation is given and not the extended personality traits that accompany each name. You may order these details names from the services page.

Why is your child's name so important? Because we are our names. when asked who we are, we automatically answer with our name, as if that says it all. Indeed it does once someone knows how to interpret the personality characteristics of any name.

Dale Carnegie said so in his book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" which follows:

"A person's name is the sweetest sound a person can hear. Our name is our identity in the world."

How do you make sure that you pick the right name for your baby that will have the right baby name meanings? The ancient religions all agree that a soul names itself. The incoming soul impresses upon the person naming the baby what the baby wants to be called. So, trust your instincts. Name your child the name that is impressed upon you.

Some cultures, like in Turkey, give this honor to someone other than the parents. Again, the baby will know the culture that he is being born into and impress the desired name on the correct person who will be naming the baby.

Interpreting the names gives you a heads up on what your child will be like. We recommend that you use this information in determining what you teach your child versus what your child will naturally learn on his own. Since each name indicates a child's strengths and challenges we would suggest you teach skills that help your child overcome the challenges that come with child's name. Remember, all names have both challenges and strengths.

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Name Meanings for Specific names.

Name meanings can be found on the tabs that have the word "meaning" in them. Meanings of names can also be found in the Name Almanac Section. Go to our blog tab to see a samplings of the type of details that are hidden in a name or on our Baby List Name page.

Please realize that these are small samplings as each name reveals many different aspects of your personality. You can also request your full name be done by clicking on the Complete Baby Name Meanings link below.

What does the name Isabella mean?

What does the name Isabella mean?

Isabella is family oriented and she blames any negativity that happens to her on her family, and yet gives credit for all the positive to her family also. She expects to have to care for her parents when they are older.

She is amicable, but won't change who she is to be more liked. She is smart in school, knows how to work, but can be a bit lazy. Isabella takes her time to make decisions as she wants to make the right decision the first time and doesn't like to backtrack.

She can see things from another person's point of view, yet that doesn't mean she agrees with that point of view. She can be a bit competitive at times and craves being included. Thus she wants to be invited to an event even when she has no intention of coming.

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