Chinese Family Names

Chinese family names have extra importance in the Chinese culture as they are thought to bring luck to the bearer of the name. The number of first names is voluminous, however there is a small group of commonly used last names. The last name reflects the environment of the home; the pressures and gifts that growing up in that home brought to the child's life. The most commonly used Chinese family names are:

白 Bai, 蔡 Cai, 曹 Cao, 常 Chang, 晨 Chen, 程 Cheng or 陈 Cheng, 崔 Cui, 戴 Dai, 邓 Deng, 丁 Ding, 董 Dong, 杜 Du, 段 Duan, 范 Fan, 方 Fang, 冯 Feng, 傅 Fu, 高 Gao, 龚 Gong, 顾 Gu, 郭 Guo, 郝 Hao, 韩 Han, 何 He or 贺 He, 洪 Hong, 侯 Hou, 胡 Hu, 黄 Huang, 贾 Jia, 蒋 Jiang or 姜 Jiang or 江 Jiang, 金 Jin, 康 Kang, 孔 Kong, 赖 Lai, 雷 Lei, 李 Li, 梁 Liang, 廖 Liao, 林 Lin, 刘 Liu, 吕 Lu or 卢 Lu or 陆 Lu, 龙 Long, 罗 Luo, 马 Ma, 毛 Mao, 孟 Meng, 牛 Niu, 潘 Pan,彭 Peng, 钱 Qian, 秦 Qin, 邱 Qiu, 任 Ren, 邵 Shao, 沈 Shen, 史 Shi or 施 Shi or 石 Shi, 宋 Song, 苏 Su, 孙 Sun, 谭 Tan, 唐 Tang, 田 Tian, 万 Wan, 汪 Wang or 王 Wang, 魏 Wei or 韦 Wei, 吴 Wu or 武 Wu, 夏 Xia, 萧 Xiao, 谢 Xie, 熊 Xiong 徐 Xu or 许 Xu, 薛 Xue, 阎 Yan or 严 Yan, 杨 Yang, 姚 Yao, 叶 Ye, 尹 Yin, 于 Yu or 余 Yu, 袁 Yuan, 曾 Zeng, 张 Zhang, 赵 Zhao, 郑 Zheng, 钟 Zhong, 周 Zhou, 朱 Zhu, and 邹 Zou

In societies where the family and relationships to the community are more important than the individual, the Chinese family name is said first. Thus, these people are simply identifying what they were taught as a child prior to identifying who they are individually.

Whereas the Chinese would say the name Mao Zedona, when referring to the Chairman of the Communist Party of China, an Anglo would say the English translated name Zedong Mao.

Be mindful that many people of Asian decent have two names: their original name written with their script symbols and another name constructed out of the Roman alphabet for ease of use with others of different backgrounds.

Top 100 Chinese Family Names Alphabetically

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