Find romance comparing names - rate your date before you go

The ability to find romance using name meanings is easy since you can gather information about a person that is important prior to your date. First is compatibility. Emotions are held in the vowels while consonants represent our attitudes. Thus, the first question is, do you have similar vowels? The more vowels you have in common, the easier it is to “get” the other person. The first vowel in the first name is the most important as it determines our overall communication style. The ideal is to find someone with your same vowel. However, that would be quite limiting. The next best is to find a person with a compatible vowel. Lastly, know that you can get along with anyone, some people just take more work.

There have been discussions for years on whether the mind or the heart should dominate someone’s decision. It is easy when both the mind and the heart agree, but what happens when they don’t? People with the A-O-Y combination are prone to be ruled by their head and more work oriented compared to people with the vowels E-I-U who are ruled by their heart or their emotions and need to have time to play.

Public displays of affection

The ability to find romance is different than showing that romantic side. Demonstrating romance in public can be hazardous for some and acceptable for others. All people can handle some public displays of affection, however vowels also tell you how comfortable your date will be with more than just holding hands.

Prior to going in for a kiss on the cheek or giving a friendly pat on their derrière, keep in mind that most people with the first vowel of 'A', 'O' or 'Y' will find being on the receiving end of this action inappropriate in public, while the people who have the other vowels are more receptive unless other letters in their name constrict them.

Is sex important to you while you find romance?

Also important in your quest to find romance is to decide how quickly you want sex in your relationship and to find someone who is compatible in this area.

People who have 'ER' in their first name are generally comfortable with their sexuality and express their tactile needs easily and quickly. They are usually quicker to touch than other letter combinations.

However, if the 'ER' combination is in their last name, they have learned to consider sex in the extreme. What is meant by that is that they either cannot seem to get enough sex and it has top billing, or they are totally abstaining from sex.

More than one ‘ER’ combination implies that sex is all the person has on their mind. Decide how important a sexual relationship is to you before you date so that you have your desires and boundaries firmly in place. Remember, finding romance and finding sex are not necessarily the same thing.

Find romance via humor

Humor and laughing is more important to some than others. The vowels 'E' and 'U' carry great sense of humors when those letters are not the last letter in the name. If you are looking for someone to just be silly with and enjoy the laughter, be sure your date has either of those vowels somewhere in their name.

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