Last name meanings or family name meanings

Regardless of whether someone has one or more family names, the last name meanings designate what the parents attempted to teach their children. Another way of saying this is that family values are contained in the family name, which some would claim comes via genetics or DNA.

Last name meanings, also called family names, represent a person’s heritage or the influence of the environment.

Letters in the family name carry the same characteristics that they do in first and middle names. The difference is that these are now the qualities that the parents demonstrated and under which the child lived instead of being the behaviors that the child had at birth.

More than one family name

Some people have more than one family name at birth. A multiplicity of family names means twice the family influence and closer families. Last names are analyzed using the same methodology, as if there were only one family name.

Accordingly, it is appropriate for an adopted child to inherit the new parent’s last name, as that is the indicator of how the child will now be reared and the child’s new environment.

Family names represent the environment in which one lives

No child learns everything that his or her parents attempted to convey. Plus, each child learns things from his or her parents that the parents did not intentionally teach. When the family name starts with ‘C’, the child is exposed to an environment where the parents demonstrate different forms of control. In other words, the child experiences what it is like to live with someone who needs constant control and with at least one parent who needed to be right all the time.

On the one hand, these children could reject being in charge, not liking what they saw as a child, and therefore, deciding to be different. This can manifest in a variety of ways; the child has learned to bury the need for control, often giving away personal power in an effort to avoid becoming like the parents, or the child spends an inordinate amount of time learning how to manage his need for control.

On the other hand, the child could decide to become even better at being controlling than the parent. Last name meanings will definitely affect the qualities and characteristics represented in the first name.

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