Presidential Candidate Names Deciphered

Presidential candidate names are deciphered is a page about the hopeful candidates for the Presidential election in November 2012. They appear in alphabetical order and each one has their name deciphered to show what their name tells us that the media does not. At the bottom of the page, their names are ranked according to the strength of their name on whom would be the strongest leader.

Please remember that names are being interpreted here for what they have to say. It is up to you to decide whether those qualities and characteristics are ones you'd like to see in a candidate or not. (posted September 2011)

Michelle Bachman - suspended campaign Jan. 4, 2012

Presidential Candidate Michele Bachman is currently a congresswoman from Minnesota and currently chairs the congressional Tea Party Caucus. Her name tells us that she makes everything more difficult than it has to be, which could lead to problems in her campaign the longer she is on the campaign trail. Bachman is generous with her time, yet this can backfire and have her not completing what she has started in a timely manner as she helps others finish their stuff first. She can be manipulative, which is a good thing in politics, and yet can also be blindsided by what she wants.

Last names represent the influence of people around us and according to her name, they are saying they would like for her to have a better memory. She may overlook details and speak from what she wishes is the truth versus being accurate on her facts. Bachman is well intentioned according to her name, and yet her name indicates that others will cause her to have difficulty carrying this campaign to the finish line.

Probable motivation to be president: She wants to make everything nice and for people to get along. Her name says she feels everyone should kiss and make up and all people can then be one happy family.

Herman Cain- suspended campaign Dec. 3, 2011

Presidential Candidate Herman Cain has survived cancer, the US Navy and Kansas’ Federal Reserve Bank (as chairman) and being CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. He is the host of his own show on WSB in Atlanta, Georgia. Truly he is an accomplished man with a great record. What does his name say about him? has survived cancer, the US Navy and Kansas’ Federal Reserve Bank (as chairman) and being CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. He is the host of his own show on WSB in Atlanta, Georgia. Truly he is an accomplished man with a great record. What does his name say about him? He is good to the people around him and has a fabulous memory. He would want the buck to stop with him, yet doesn’t have the letters in his name to rally people to want to work with him nationally. He is a detective and wants to get to the bottom of each situation. His name indicates that the people he loves can overly influence him. This causes him to include emotions and the effect his decisions have on others prior to making a final decision. He enjoys physicality or sex as indicated by the ‘ER’ combination in his first name. However, the ‘ER’ follows the ‘H’ which indicates that he is a gift to those around him and would have ethics around his choices. His real challenge is that he doesn’t have any duplicity in his name and today’s politics are full of duplicity. Cain is firm, consistent and earns others respect. Incompetent people can find him intolerant.

Hillary Clinton-declared not interested, but name does not indicate that

Hilary has had an impressive career from being a highly regarded lawyer, to being the First Lady when her husband Bill was president. She is in the limelight in her own right with currently being Secretary of State in Obama's administration.

As a presidential candidate Hilary will always manage to land on her feet regardless of any messes that she finds herself involved. She is family oriented and her family is quite important to her. She wants her family to look good and is upset when private matters make their way into the public eye as she feels that family matters ought to stay private. Hilary is a ‘wanna-be’. She loves to give advice and generally gives good advice. Her challenge is not to make up answers when she doesn’t know them.

She was born knowing what she wanted and keeps her goals for her entire life. She has fairness issues, which causes her to fight for the rights of those that she feels have had their rights violated. Remember, she uses her own definition of what is right here, and it may not agree with yours. However, it is not as easy for her to fight for her own rights. Even though she will always appear to be confident, she is uncomfortable standing up for herself. Fighting for issues and /or others comes much easier.

As a presidential candidate she would not take criticism well and sometimes it hurts so much that she would like to quit. She has had to learn to give herself a pep talk and keep going. Her defensive for this sensitivity was to become a victim and /or perpetrator of violence. She can play either role.

It is important for her to be liked by others. She can be the chameleon and is able to get along with any one when she wants to do so. In order to stay liked she will show the aspects of herself that she thinks another will approve of and hide the rest. She can morph into what she feels others expect of her to be liked.

Hilary has learned that it is important to stay in control and be in charge. She has learned to be charming and charismatic to get what she wants. She has learned to be organized and think in a logical manner. She has a good memory. She knows how to nurture but wants to choose whom she nurtures and when she nurtures.

She expects loyalty from those around her and carries a grudge. Hillary wants to get even when she feels that someone she has been good to violated her trust. She must guard against carrying grudges. Hilary is strong in her sense of who she is. She knows what she wants, and is determined to get what she wants. Her need to be in charge and control coupled with her need to appear good and be liked is her weakest link.

Probable motivation to be president: to gain for herself a challenge so she can grow. She would want to be president for her own desire to be the first woman president and truly make history.

Newt Gingrich - suspended campaign May 2, 2012

Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House has more experience as a politician than the rest. Will that help him in his quest for the presidency? Let us look at his name for the answers. Gingrich is organized and has incredible wisdom, not just intellectual knowledge as he has turned his knowledge into wisdom. However, people around him wonder if he can adapt to the changes in the world around him or does he want things to go back to where he is comfortable? Other people will end up being Gingrich’s downfall per his last name, even as his first name says he has what it takes to lead and to lead well.

Probable motivation to be president: Feed up with current leaders and feels he can do it so much better.

Jon Huntsman - suspended campaign Jan. 15, 2012

Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman was the Governor of Utah and is currently the Ambassador to China. He has not been in the news as much as the rest, and as such can be considered the dark horse, or the surprise candidate. What does his name tell us? Huntsman is intuitive and street smart. He knows his way around the political arena and anything he doesn’t know he learns amazingly fast.

Huntsman’s memory for detail and minutia is impressive and he truly wants to nurture the nation. Presidential candidate Huntsman can juggle multiple tasks at once and loves to be the boss, telling other what needs to be done. He can see both the big picture and the steps needed to achieve the goal. His last name bring in challenges of not always knowing who to trust of the people he has surrounded himself, and he can be mislead by trusting the wrong ones. As strong as his name is, it is not as strong as the names Rick Perry, Rick Santorum or Mitt Romney.

Probable motivation to be president: Nothing better to do.

Gary Johnson - suspended campaign December 20, 2011

Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico is not well known except for his consistent vetoing of almost a hundred legislature bills in each of his eight years as Governor. He is known for routinely vetoing anything that would increase the size of government. Johnson’s name states he wants fairness restored to the country, yet stumbles at times standing up for his own beliefs as he is more adept at standing up for others. This can be an asset as he would easily stand up for the American citizen while not bothering to stand up in his own defense when unrighteously accused.

Presidential candidate Johnson's challenge is his struggle to make his voice heard above the clamor of others. Johnson works hard for what he believes. His name also indicates that he is learning how to be flexible and he would have a tendency to micromanage. Does a president have time to do this or is it time we have a president who will do this? Up to you to decide what is important. Johnson’s challenge would be to live down the questions of his integrity, as his name says the ends justify the means. Johnson is the true dark horse and could end up surprising us all.

vProbable motivation to be president: He wants the attention and glory of being president.

Fred Karger - suspended campaign June 30, 2012

Presidential Candidate Fred Karger, political consultant and gay rights activist is definitely a want-to-be president yet will never make it out of the gate per his name. He won’t be able to accrue enough people to believe in him nor back him for him to be successful. His name indicates that he is too far out of the box, whereas not enough people trust him to hold onto the American conservative stand.

Probable motivation for being president: Seeing how he can benefit from the title and how much fun it would be.

Andy Martin - suspended campaign September 22, 2011

Presidential Candidate Andy Martin is a businessman known mostly on the Internet for questioning Obama’s citizenship and stated religious affiliation. His name tells us that he is a hard worker, dedicated to making this world a better place and is highly likeable. However, his last name, again what the people around him are asking or questioning is his ability to be fair and not allow his own prejudices cloud his judgment. As much as the public likes Martin, they do not think he won’t revert to underhanded strategies to get what he wants.

Probable motivation for being president: Andy is a hard worker and feels anyone can do better than Obama.

Jimmy McMillan -suspended campaign September 22, 2012

Presidential Candidate Jimmy McMillan wants to challenge Obama, as this karate expert would love to fight the current policies. His qualifications are as a Vietnam Veteran, yet he lacks political experience compared to others who are running. His name says he only does what he likes to do and delegates the rest out. Thus, if he is not interested in something, that item won’t get done. He considers himself part of the solution and not the problem, yet is slow on the uptake. An amicable personality will get you far, but the name is not strong enough to carry him all the way through the primaries.

Probable motivation for being president: We need to make the US family friendly again.

Tom Miller - suspended campaign

Presidential Candidate Tom Miller is a flight attendant who has high aspirations. Per his name if he can’t be on top he doesn’t want to play. His first and last name conflict with each other which means there is too much inner turmoil to be able to stay calm in stressful personal situations. His last name indicates he takes too long to make a decision as he fears making a wrong decision. There is too much conflict in his name for the public to endorse him.

Probably motivation for being president: Greatest challenge on earth and Tom likes to be the best and rise to the top.

Barack Obama

Copied from what was posted in 2008 when Obama was a presidential candidate. Obama is highly competitive; if he can’t win he doesn’t like to play. He has workaholic tendencies and his work is his play and his play is his work. There is no real differentiation. He likes to be around competent people and has little patience for incompetence or stupidity based on his definitions. He would be sensitive to criticism and want to quit when attacked. He has a quick mind and is good thinking on the spot. His work is his life; it is what gives him purpose. He works for praise, more than money, as he requires other people’s approval. Truth is important to him and he dislikes those who lie to him. He is slow to alienate someone, but once he does, that person is out of his life as if they didn’t exist.

Obama’s family is important to him as that is where he gives and receives nurturing. He would be competitive even in his family as underachievement would not be acceptable. He takes situations and relationships to the extreme. What he likes he works hard and finishes. What he doesn’t like, he doesn’t do and it would get shuffled to someone else if it got done at all. Said again, this is someone who will not do what he doesn’t want to do. He only likes to do what he likes to do though and won't do what he doesn't like to do.

He also has fairness issues, which causes him to fight for the rights of those that he feels have had their rights violated. However, as hard as it is for him to stand up for himself, he has learned how to do it. Fighting for issues and /or others comes much easier.

He does not take criticism well and sometimes it hurts so much that he would like to quit. He has had to learn to give himself pep talks and keep going. His defensive for this sensitivity was to become quick witted and be able to respond quickly with his remarks.

Probable motivation to be president: He needs to be the best at whatever he does. He is narcissistic and needs to be the center of attention.

Ron Paul

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul currently represents the state of Texas in the House of Representatives. His name indicates that Paul is logical and has a fine memory for details. He does not forget a thing. He is a natural nurturer wanting to take care of his fellow men. He can juggle multiple commitments at the same time and is good at keeping his sense of humor when the going gets stressful. Paul’s challenge in his name is that others want to take advantage of him and he constantly has to defend his position.

Probable motivation to be president: Wants to live by his truth and nurture others while doing it.

Sarah Palin - never initiated campaign

Just for the fun of it we will discuss what potential presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s name says about her. Her name states that she has to work doubly hard to prove to herself that she has worth and value. Indeed in her name it says she is a gift to those around her. Palin has received incredible amounts of unfavorable press and if I wanted to believe the press instead of Neimology® Science I would believe that she is a horrible person. But that is not what her name says and after working with names for nearly thirty years, I’ll go with the name.

As a Presidential candidate Palin’s name indicates that she would be similar to how Abraham Lincoln was in office. She would be great for this country as she can do what is unfavorable to do in the short term and yet yields positive results in the long run. Similarly, Lincoln was the most despised President during his time in office and debates still rage about whether Lincoln was good for this country or not. Palin has similar characteristics in her name and as such will always be controversial regardless of what she says or does. As a presidential candidate, she is sharp and capable but will have to make friends with the press first and this is unlikely.

Probable motivation to be president: gives her a way to be of service and make things right according to her definition of right.

Rick Perry - suspended campaign January 2012

Presidential Candidate Rick Perry likes to do his work and go home to his family at night. His name indicates that he is a family man and highly responsible and he has a quick mind that can consider alternative possibilities quickly. However, his name indicates that he prefers working alone or with small groups behind the scenes.

Getting out in front of people will be his challenge as he does better behind the scenes making sure everything gets done. Said another way, his challenge is connecting with the public when they are strangers, as he doesn’t easily illicit trust even though he is trustworthy.

Probable motivation to be president: Pushed and prodded by others probably got him to consider the presidency. It is a logical choice after being governor. Logic is his motivator.

Buddy Roemer - suspended campaign Feb. 22, 2012

Presidential Candidate Buddy Roemer was once the Governor of Louisiana. His name says he plays to his favorites and can change his mind overnight when he has to do so in order to take care of his friends first. Roemer is not afraid to spend the public coffers, or have others take from the public coffers, per his name, and is charismatic when he needs to be to get what he wants. His challenge is to not be one of the good ‘ole boys. He can appear to the public one way while doing something totally different behind closed doors. His name basically states that he is a consummate politician.

Probable motivation to be president: Benefits it will give him.

Mitt Romney

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney is the former Governor of Massachusetts. What he likes he really likes and what he doesn’t like, he doesn’t want to do. Romney uses his middle name as his first name is Willard. His first name indicates that he has wisdom beyond his years and that he sometimes takes so long in making a decision, as he wants to make the right one the first time around that he can drive others crazy. He has a tendency to want perfection besides wishing the world was a fair place in which to live.

Presidential candidate Romney’s name indicates he will do whatever is necessary to get a job done. He is highly likeable, talented in a myriad of ways and athletically coordinated. He is basically a family man and extends that consideration to his constituents. His challenge is to not take his decisions to the extremes, but to stay middle of the road as his name indicates it is easy for him to get off balance under stress.

Probable motivation to be president: Wants to serve and cause America to be family oriented again.

Rick Santorum = suspended campaign April 10, 2012

Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum served in the Senate as a senator from Pennsylvania for two terms. His name indicates that he is much like Rick Perry, having similar first names, only Santorum is comfortable in front of crowds, continually learning how to improve himself and knows when to stop work and play. He has a quick mind, can think on his feet and has a rebellious spirit that hates to be told no. Santorum wants the truth and will follow the path of truth regardless of where it leads. His challenge is to get the public to believe in him and to recognize his competence.

Probable motivation to be president: Wants to serve and by serving prove to his family that he has value and worth.

Vern Wuensche -suspended campaign April 30, 2011

Presidential Candidate Vern Wuensche is a businessman who owns the third oldest construction company in Houston. His name indicates that he is interested in the finer things that life has to offer and his emotions are stronger than his logic even though he hates to make the same mistake twice. Thus, he is constantly learning and improving himself.

Others try to make this election difficult for him per his last name even though he is good at fending off his detractors. He has a good memory, knows how to implement the details to get something done and is compassionate towards others. Presidential candidate Wuensche's name indicates he has the qualities that make an outstanding businessperson with tons of business acumen, but is it enough to get him elected? My recommendation would be to start locally and work your way up.

Probable motivation to be president: What connections being president can provide. It is all about positioning yourself in the best possible place to have the best connections.

Ranking the Hopefuls

Presidential Candidate Rankings based solely on the strength of the presidential candidate’s name: 1. Herman Cain 2. Mitt Romney tied with 2. Hillary Clinton; strong in different ways 3. Rick Perry 4. Rick Santorum 5. Ron Paul All of the leaders have the first vowel of 'I' except one. These are ALL competent names and any can do the job and do it well, even as each would do it differently. The question is what direction are they going to take the US? As that is the direction that they will do well. However, Cain has something that the others want to have and that one indicator puts him in the lead even as they are all so very close.

What follows is the presidential candidate page updated on January 12, 2012 to answer questions that have been asked of me.

Many have asked me about Ron Paul. He is ranked fifth in his name because he won't fight as hard to win and others will take advantage of his honesty. The other question that comes up frequently is between Mitt and Hilary, who would win? The tipping point is the 'Y' at the end of Hillary's name and she is the one who would be the victor as she is easier for most to like out of the two. The third question I am often asked is who would I vote for, have I ranked them according to how I like them? The answer is no. My top choice for the Republican party is not even running at this time. I would like to see Rand Paul run, because of what his name indicates about him. But that does not transfer over into being the strongest name in a competition.

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