Spanish Name meanings starting with M

Spanish Name meanings starting with M are separated into girl names and boy names and are listed alphabetically.

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Boy names

Macerlo-workaholic, smart

Manasés-learned man

Mancho-egotistical, works hard

Manny-happy workers

Mano-hand, workers

Manolito-from the hand of God

Manolo-with God

Manuel-God is with us

Manuelo-little Mark

Marcelo-fair, thinker, competent


Marco-wants to make a mark


Mariano-fights for improvements

Maricil-good natured, strong willed

Mario-manifestor, virile


Marquez-perfectionist, fair

Mateo-gift of God

Martez-work towards perfection

Martin-from Mars


Martino-God's gift

Mateo-God's gift

Matias-distant, extremist

Matro-the one in charge

Mauritio-clever, bright

Maximo-the best, the greatest



Miguel-playful as God is

Migueo-strong, fame

Mingo-smart, controversial

Moises-knows self

Montae-unwavering as a mountain

Montay-capable as a mountain

Monte-strong as a mountain

Montel-the highest mountain

Montes-steady as a mountain

Montez-unmoving as a mountain

Montrell-mountain rock

Girl names

Macarena-sheltered, hard shell

Madalynn-manipulative, good memory

Madeira-mother, mad, likable

Madena-manipulative, angry

Madia-manipulative, angry

Madina-mighty, aim to please



Magdalena-woman from Magdala

Malia-bad, bitter, independent

Malita-little bad, bitter

Malte-bad, easily persuaded

Maltea-bad, easily persuaded

Manuela-with God

Maravilla-wonderful, sharing

Marcela-self-sacrifice, hids emotions


Maria-generous, independent

Maribelle-fair, hesitant

Maricel-self-sacrifice, hides emotions

Maricela-fertile, fair, hides emotions

Maricella-fertile, fair, hides emotions

Maricruz-self-sacrifice, cross to bear

Mariposa-butterfly, free spirited

Mariquita-bitter, fair, self-sacrifice

Marisa- of the sea

Marisela-uncertain, self-sacrifices

Marisol-sunny, happy

Marixruz-Mary on the cross

Marletta-self-sacrifice, athletic

Marta-fast, masculine lady


Maya-nurturer, grounded

Melibea-self-centered, good natured

Melisenda-self-oriented, motivated

Melita-honey bee; small self

Meliza-honey bee; self-righteous

Melosa- sweet, self-oriented

Melosia-melodious, sweet

Mendia-self-centered, good natured




Migdalia-flexible, inclusive

Miguela-small light

Miguelita-little light

Milagritos-miracle, manipulative

Milagros-miracle, manipulative

Milagrosa-miracle, gift, flexible

Milana- gracious


Miranda-admirable, gracious



Modesta-shy, modest, reserved

Monica-pretty, self-centered

Mora-sweet, fair, moralistic

Morisa-dark skinned, independent

Morissa-dark skinned, informed


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