Spanish Name Meanings Starting with N and O

Spanish names starting with N and O are separated into girl names and boy names and are listed alphabetically.

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Boy names

Nacho-not as it appears

Naldo-fair, independent


Natal-born innocent

Natalio-innocent exemplified

Natanael-God has blessed or given

Nataniel-works for God

Natividad-of the nativity


Neron-logical insanity


Nestorio-homebody, independent

Nicanor-serious with family

Nicolas-playful with family

Niguel-God is my family

Noe-good boundaries

Norberto-organized, perfectionist

Normando-organized, has influence

Octavio-eighth son

Oliverlo-defender of peace

Onefre-logical leadership, disillusioned

Orlan-strong, original

Orlando-dedicated to lead others

Orlondo-dedicated to lead others

Oro-strong, fearless

Osías-nurturing, teacher

Osue-autonomy, fame, sexy

Osvaldo-strong, fearless

Oziel-humble, competitive

Girl names

Nalara-strong, fair, self-confident



Narcisa-self absorbed, attractive

Natalia-born on Christmas day

Nelia-yellow, self-confident

Nelida-shining light

Nerea-sexual, balanced


Neva-snow, cold, frigid

Nevada-snow, cold, frigid

Nicanora-victorious army

Nicolasa-victorious, self-confident

Nieva-emotionally disconnected

Nieves-sexy, youthful, girl


Odanda-famous land, generous

Ofelia-nurturer, despondent

Oihane-grounded, natural

Olimpia-competitive, nurturer

Olinda-pretty, flower, nurturer

Olivia-stable, balanced, generous

Ora-worthy, gold

Orquidea-orchid, unique, individual

Orquidla-orchid, unique, individual

Osana-healthy, balanced

Osane-healthy, balanced

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