Top Boy Names in 2018

The top boy names normally remain relatively the same. However, this year the boy names that are normally on top are basically missing. The names Elijah, Liam, Brayden, Mason, and Liam continue to gain in popularity. These four names have not been on the boys lists for all that long considering how long a boy name usually stays popular.

Over the years, there is very little shifting, and rarely any sudden surprises of movements in the majority of boy names. For example Joshua, John, Michael and Joseph have been on the list of the top boy names for the majority of the past century. So far, this century has been fairly consistent until 2014. Only the name James has remained in the top ten list.

Names that were once popular, like Ike and Ivan, in the early twentieth century fell off of the list in the mid 1900's and have all but disappeared, while Liam is making a comeback and is even this year's most popular name.

What does this mean?

Society still wants its males to be bright and steady workers. Leadership qualities are still admired as are competitiveness, working hard and being intelligent.

Top boy names indicate there is a bit more variety in these names, so perhaps there will be more choices on how we define the desired traits in our men. Independence, confidence, and brilliance is what is depicted in our top boy names for 2018. A new trait is being introduced this year; that trait is spirituality. It has been since the early 1900's to see religion or spirituality in the most popular boy names. It is even more interesting that the new trait is spirituality and not religion.

Family values are stronger in the boys names this year than the girls's names, yet neither list has a traditional family make-up as a predominant characteristic, even as the boys are finding family values more important than in previous years. Looking at both lists causes one to wonder what the family dynamics will shift to look like in the future since it appears we are going in the direction of more traditional values like in the 1950's again.

More of these boys will work for themselves than for others as independence and doing things their own way is incredibly strong in our top names. It appears that our men are highly competitive, while our woman are becoming more amiable. 1. Liam

2. Noah

3. William

4. James

5. Logan

6. Benjamin

7. Mason

8. Elija

9. Oliver

10. Jacob

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