Top girl names have some normally popular names missing

This year's 10 top girl names list are missing what some have come to consider staple names as they have been on the list more often than not. Did you notice which names are missing?

It appears that many names that started with 'S' are no longer included. This indicates that we don't want our girls too smart where they may threaten the males. Did you see the names Stacy, Stephanie or Sharon? These were all popular at one time. Instead Sophia has made the list as the only name that starts with a S.

It appears some names that start with 'C' have also fallen out of favor. Names like Cynthia, Cindy, Connie and Courtney are no longer on the list, even though Charlotte still made it. Did you notice that the only 'C' names still on the list all have 'A' as a first vowel? The 'C' names that made it are only the ones who are learning how to become leaders while the 'C' names that were dropped are those girls who innately take the leadership position. So, this indicates that we don't want our girls to be the ones in control.

The name Nicole also appears to have fallen out of favor even though it was huge at one time.

Girl names that started with 'J' at one time were the latest rage; however, no 'J' names ranked high.

What is really fascinating is that nine out of the top ten girl names end in 'A', and the remaining name ends in 'Y'. What does this mean? That we want our girls to be likeable and be able to get along with others, but to be able to hold their own and not change who they are to get others to like them. The one lone 'Y' would be the girl who is the chameleon and will adapt to the ones around them, in order to be liked.

Conclusion: society is saying the most important trait, the one that society is prizing the most, is that girls know how to get along with people. They can't be too smart to be a threat to the other smart people in the room, yet we want them to have self-confidence. In other words, we are telling our girls to be good, but too good, at what they do.

What does it all mean?

It means that certain traits or qualities that are represented in names shift throughout time. It appears that cooperation is more important in the top girl names, even though competition is still apparent in the list of names.

Intelligence is not as important as it once was as the letters that carry the qualities of being smart, brilliant, and having inner knowing have greatly diminished. Wisdom is not represented in any of these names. Perhaps that skill is too hard to accrue?

Leadership is not as important as being a workaholic. Autonomy and family values are also on the decline as important qualities per this list of names but self-confidence is.

By analyzing the top girl names for any year we can access what qualities are being downplayed and which ones are gaining in importance.

Top girl names in 2018

The top girl names for 2018 are based on the latest Social Security Administration statistics. Read further down the page to see what the latest trends in the top girl names mean. What is interesting every year is what the top names indicate.

1. Emma

2. Olivia

3. Ava

4. Isabella

5. Sopia

6. Mia

7. Charlotte

8. Amelia

9. Evelyn

10. Abigail


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