Business Applications of Neimology™ Science

Are you losing your sale in the first 30 seconds?

Business applications are numerous for Neimology™ Science. Did you know that you can lose that business deal in the first 30 seconds depending on how you greet someone? Great someone with 'Hi, how are you?' when they are all about business and the customer is already thinking that their time is being wasted. Forget to greet someone with 'Hi, how are you?'when they come from an emotional base and you'll lose their sale as they think you don't care about them.. How do you know how to greet someone?

There are six different vowels in the alphabet; A, E, I, O, U, and Y. How you greet someone depends on the first vowel in the first name. This vowel also shows how to up sell someone. Do you want to convert a higher percentage of your walk-ins to sales? Learn what the first vowels say.

Business applications using Neimology™ Science cover a wide variety of uses.

Save money by solving employee problems other than by firing.

Business applications are continued here. Are you experiencing interpersonal problems between members on your staff? Is in fighting and negativity eating away time that your employees could be more effective? Comparing the names of antagonist employees can inform you of how to solve the incompatibility to everyone's liking, so that the employees can be happier and thus more productive at work. Counseling using Neimology™ Science has shown to increase a person's understanding about themselves and others and reduce conflict. It saves you money to solve personnel problems versus having to rehire and train someone.

Everyone knows that vice-principals see plenty of students daily. The numbers disciplined daily usually increase during the year. But not the year that I used Neimology™ Science to help students who were fighting with each other to communicate better. As the year progressed my numbers declined relative to my understanding of Neimology™ Science. You can apply these same techniques at your place of work.

Your most important job is to hire the right people initially.

All companies lose employees to either attrition, retirement or firing them. No one likes to have to fire an individual as it costs money to hire and retrain someone else.

How much could your company save by hiring a competent individual who is also compatible with your current employees? Neimology™ Science lets you analyze the name of the prospective employee with those that you already have. Retention improves when you hire, not only the one who has the skills to do the job, but the one who can communicate well with your other employees.

Training employees? Is there a way to get them to learn faster?

Another business application is that within six months of being hired as the lead trainer at a big firm which has offices in twenty-three states, five out of the six area directors wrote to the Vice-President of our division thanking her for hiring me. Why? All five stated that their newly hired employees were now being thoroughly trained and were ready to start when arriving at their position. How did this change come about? I taught to the individual's learning style which was quickly identified by Neimology™ Science.

Business needs its employees to stay current. Some people learn faster when just seeing the material presented, simply by reading the material. Others need to hear the material to have it sink in, while still others learn kinaesthetically. They need to see, feel, touch, and manipulate the learning in order to own it. Some people need a combination of these methodologies. A person learns the fastest when material is presented in the same style as the person learns. How do you know what that style is? It is told in the name! Another application of Neimology™ Science.

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