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Free first name meanings list is available where the tabs on the left say blog and in the various sections under international names. This is information that is useful to know about first names. Your first name indicates the essence of your soul. Who you would be if your world was void of environmental influences. Some free first name meanings are provided here to let you see a small snapshot of how much information can be gained via just the first name. Remember that once the middle and last names are included, the purity of the attributes in the first name may need adjusting.

Let us analyze the popular names Joshua and Emily as examples of the type of information that can be gleamed from a first name. Remember, these are only samples and only give a small sampling of the type of information that can be found in a name.

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Name Meaning of Joshua

You may want to think of a Joshua that you know while reading this free first name meanings of Joshua.

Joshua is intelligent and appears to just know things without knowing why he knows. When asked a question he normally has the answer. When others ask him, how do you know this, he would think, how do you not know this? Isn't this obvious? Because of this Joshua can be arrogant or have arrogant tendencies. These same tendencies can also appear to be entitlement issues.

Joshua works best when he has autonomy, as freedom is important to him. He resents having anyone micromanaging him as his word is good and if he says he will do something, he will. However, don't push him or nag him, as when nagged he will put your request on the bottom of his list of things to do. The best approach is to thank him for doing the desired task and then depart prior to him having an opportunity to tell you that it isn't done yet. This inspires him to get the job done quickly.

Joshua has an off beat or dry sense of humor that is based in intelligence. People must be sharp to appreciate or understand his humor. Once he gets going, Joshua can be incredibly funny.

Joshua is naturally likable, and has worked hard at making himself amiable. As much as it is important for him to be accepted by others, he will not change who he is to gain someone's approval.

These characteristics are just some of what the name Joshua tells us. Remember this does not consider the influence of the middle nor last name, which can alter or adjust some of these characteristics.

Name Meaning of Emily

You may want to think of an Emily that you know while reading this this free first name meanings of Emily.

Emily is a chameleon and can get along with anyone that she wants to get along. Other people's opinion of her is important and she will often morph into the person that another wishes to see. In other words, she will show those parts of her personality that she thinks the person she is with wants to see. Emily gains self-confidence with age. The older she gets, the more self-confident she becomes.

Emily enjoys beauty around her and more than likely will be attractive. Emily has a critical eye and will notice if there is a crooked picture on the wall and will take action to correct the situation. Touch is important to Emily as she is a tactile learner. She will frequently touch others to show affection. She will also touch objects to become familiar with the texture.

Emily needs her feelings acknowledged prior to engaging her sharp mind. She can become overprotective of her feelings and attempt to bury them. Emily will do emotions to an extreme, she will either express her feelings in the extreme or do a great job of totally burying them.

Emily is highly independent and wants to make up her own mind without undue influence. She is enjoyable to be around and attractive to others.

These characteristics are just some of what the name Emily tells us. Remember this does not consider the influence of the middle nor last name, which can alter or adjust some of these characteristics.

Any name can be done as a free first name meanings. Please let us know if your name is not included in the list of dictionary of names and we will do our best to add your name to the list.

Free first name meanings list

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