A sampling list of baby names

A sampling of our list of baby names and their meanings is below. These were taken from our Name Almanac, which you can access for free by signing the form on the right. For just names, to give you ideas of different names, please visit our top 100 boys names, and our top 100 girls name tab. Also, each tab that has the word meanings on it, give you a short synopsis of names and their meanings like our list below.

What does the name Isabella mean?

Isabella has headed the list of baby names for the past five years, but was knocked out of first position by the name Sophia this year. Why was Isabella so popular? This is a sampling of what the name Isabella tells us:

Isabella is family oriented and she blames all the negativity that happens in her life on her family and yet gives credit for all the positive things that happen to her family also. Isabella considers it her responsibility to take care of her parents when they are older.

She is amicable, but won't change who she is to be more liked. She is smart in school, knows how to work, but can be a bit lazy.

Isabella takes her time to make decisions as she wants to make the right decision the first time and doesn't like to backtrack. She can see things from another person's point of view, yet that doesn't mean she agrees with that point of view.

She can be a bit competitive at times and craves being included. Thus she wants to be invited to an event even when she has no intention of coming. To order the complete description of this name, or any other name, please click here.

Complete name analysis

List of Baby names taken from our Name Almanac

1. Isabella: Hebrew, devoted to G-d

2. Emma: German- all inclusive; whole

3. Olivia: Latin- olive tree

4. Sophia: Greek- wisdom, cultivated life

6. Emily: Latin- eager

7. Madison: English- mighty warrior

8. Abigail: Hebrew- joy, happiness

9. Chloe: Greek- fun, mischievous

10. Mia: Hebrew- harsh, pungent

11. Elizabeth: Hebrew- dedicated, devoted to G-d

12. Addison: English- grounded, wholesome

13. Alexis: German- noble

14. Ella: German- inclusive; all

15. Samantha: Aramaic- good listener

16. Natalie: Latin- pure

17. Grace: Latin- graceful, blessing

18. Lily: Latin- flower

19. Alyssa: Aramaic- moon goddess

19. Alyssa: German- noble

20. Ashley: English- named after ash tree

21. Sarah: Hebrew- lady

22. Taylor: English- tailor

23. Hannah: Hebrew- has G-d's favor

24. Brianna: Irish- unwavering

25. Hailey: Irish/Norse- hero, wise

26. Kaylee: Hebrew- regal

26. Kaylee: Arabic- beloved

26. Kaylee: Hebrew- regal

27. Lillian: English- after Lilly flower

28. Leah: Hebrew- weary

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