Spanish name meanings starting with L

Spanish name meanings starting with L are separated into girl names and boy names and are listed alphabetically.

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Boy names

Lalo-heaven's favorite


Laszio-shy, stalwart


Leandro-clear, bright, lion-like

Leocadio-clear, bright, lion-like

Leon-lion, steadfast

Leonardo-strong like a lion


Leonides-appreciates lion strength


Liberato-free person

Liberio-family is important

Lino-absorbs grief

Lisandro-bold, leader, competitive


Lonzo-steady light


Lucero-physical light

Luciano-bright light to others

Lucio-fame, warrior

Luis-warrior after fame

Girl names


Lala-workaholic, self-confident


Lalla-well-spoken,slow to decide

Landa-gracious, beloved



Lareina-ruler, fair, cares


Latoya-victorious, workaholic

Laura-honor and victory

Laurana-little honor and victory

Laurencia-little honor and victory

Laurinda-little honor and victory

Laurita-little honor and victory

Lavinia-city women

Lawinia-independent, wise

Lea-princess or goddess



Leiria-curious,independent, rebel

Lenda-emotionally independent

Leocadia-strong force of power

Leonaora-strong power source

Leonita-little ruler of light

Leonor-ruler of light

Leosia-clear, bright

Lera-sexual, rebel, likable

Leticia-joy, giving Letitia-joy, giving, coordinated

Levina-inquisitive, charismatic

Leya-law, legal, inquisitive

Lia-generous, tired, friendly

Liana-bond, self-contained

Lidia-from the area called Lydia

Linda-pretty, kind

Lita-athletic, group oriented

Litzy-self-directed, strong willed


Lodzia-independent, autonomy

Lola-over-anxious, strong

Loleta-little obnoxious

Lolita-sorrow, nurturing

Lolitta-little confused, willful

Lopita-independent, autonomy

Lora-self-confident, fair, likable

Lorda-reference to the Lord

Lorea-fair, balanced, rebel

Loretta-crown, flowers, atheletic

Lourdes-reference to Virgin Mary

Louredes-reference to Virgin Mary



Lucila-diminutive light

Lucita-little light

Lucrecia-full of light

Luella-warrior, fighter

Luisa-fame, warrior

Luiza-warrior, fighter, strong will

Lulita-warrior, fighter

Lupe-playful, humorist

Lupeta-introspective, playful

Lupita-little, playful, nurturer

Lur-earthy, grounded

Luvenia-humorous, playful, fun

Luvina-little light, amiable


Lynda-pretty, generous

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