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Sharón's radio interviews lead to many testimonials during the show as callers are amazed at her accuracy. Listen to these archived shows by clicking on the link below. Here are some of the comments made.

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This is fun. The accuracy is borderline scary. That is pretty good.” Big Bob on EZHelp You and More Radio Show.

**************************************************************** What’s in a name? Everything as you’ll find out in Sharón Lynn Wyeth’s new edition of “Know the Name; Know the Person”. If you want more success, love, and financial freedom for yourself or your newborn, pick up a copy of the book to chose the name wisely. Your future is in the balance. Cynthia Brian, TV/Radio personality. **************************************************************** “Dead on accurate” Bulldog, Host of WOXM Radio show in Ocean City, MD.

**************************************************************** “That is absolutely scary. This is nailing all of us. This is absolutely incredible” JR Snider, Host of WSJS 600/1200 AM, Winston-Salem, NC.


I found “Know the Name; Know the Person” a fascinating read. Sharón Lynn Wyeth spells it out in a brilliantly written, easy to read format.” Lou Kelly, Host of “Midnight In Nowhere” Radio show.


5 star review from reader

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FIVE STAR Review from reader Old Soul“Know the Name; Know the Person” at

“This book posits the science of “Neimology, the study of names” and is ground-breaking, of potentially historic importance, and it affords broad-spectrum practical application. The empirical research and experience behind it has substantial credibility.

The notion behind the research and this book is that a person’s oft-repeated name is initially inspired, releasing a resonance and predictable potential within the person’s life expression. The author systematizes how people with names bearing the same initial vowel, initial letter, last letter and middle letters show consistent tendencies. Hence, the resonance of the name demonstrates correlated patterns of conduct due to the structure of the name. This observation is consistent with the ancient knowledge of most cultures’ approach to naming children, where the given name “says it all.” Offering this as a framework for decoding, she does not, for example, clam that every “John” will be the same, but that every “John” will share certain traits. Her system explains how and why these traits will be distinct from those shared by persons named Jemal, or James, or Jim. The resulting correlations are nuanced and valuable. Socially, this book can help make interaction with friends and strangers alike far more effortless and productive.

Unlike common “cookbook” approaches that merely share the meanings of names, the Wyeth system explores the personality traits associated to vowels and consonants, with interpretive weight given to their placement in the name. She enriches the reader with a systematic exploration and many illustrations. The reader is thus equipped with an interpretive framework applicable to any name. She tested the work in many countries who use the English Alphabet and found consistent results with only minor adaptations. This is significant. In addition she addresses nicknames, changed names, and other permutations involved in naming. In sum, rather than providing a fish to the hungry, she has provided a hook and bait so the hungry can catch fish and eat for a lifetime.

Cymatics, the study of the physical impacts of sound, demonstrates that sounds create visible geometries. Medical research has proven that cell structures, neurological systems, and the body generally does respond directly to sound. It shows that repetition of sounds can create or ameliorate disease. Making a connection between behavior associated to the oft-heard name and cellular responses proven in hard science is not an untenable leap.

Neimology offers a wealth of very useful applications for anyone who seeks to gain a sense of what lies beneath the surface in other people. The range of applications is broad-spectrum. Among readers who could benefit from Neimology are people in business, sales, counseling, politics, ministry, education, military leadership, and anyone seeking to refine simple interaction among other people in any capacity.” — Amazon Customer Review — Testimonial from Frederick Ravin of Atlanta, Georgia

Another reader

Testimonials - “This is truly an outstanding book. I have studied it carefully and plan to contact the author for discussion once I’ve digested it. The work has sweeping practical applications. The author has a great facility for pattern recognition and her math/education backgrounds dovetail to great advantage.” — Amazon Customer

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Testimonials from Page One Lit:

“Know the Name; Know the Person” by Sharón Lynn Wyeth is a trailblazing, industry changing, fresh look at names and how a person’s name provides an immediate insight into others, as well as our own, personality traits.

“Know the Name; Know the Person” is not just a personality insight book using names but is very informative and well researched. ”According to the 2003 US Census Bureau, only 1219 different male names are shared by 90% of the boys in the United States. Compare this with the 4275 girl names that 90% of girls in the United States share. All people with the same name carry similar qualities.”

Neimology™ Science – What is it? According to the author, “I began developing Neimology™ Science in 1981 by slowly putting patterns together. I became serious about Neimology™ Science in 1991 and started making it the focus of my attention versus a hobby. I have been doing readings for people using Neimology™ Science since 1992. In 1996, I started teaching classes on how to do Neimology™ Science, which eventually lead to the book.”

“We live in a very busy world: Internet, blackberries, video games, e-mails, Internet chats, faxes, etc… which means “we must make decisions about people quickly, to hire or not; to share personal information, or not; to do a business transaction or not; to trust with money or not. Often there is not enough time to know the person sufficiently before making a decision that could cost both time and money along with one’s reputation. Knowing what to look for in a name provides an immediate insight into others, as well as our own, personality traits”. “Know the Name; Know the Person” can be fun as well as causing great conversations with friends and family. This book can be a very unique resource, which can help one make important life changing decisions.

The author says, “Names represent who we are, so business names represent the qualities of the business. Microsoft means it takes care of itself first so that it can then take care of others (M). Microsoft loves to give advice, tell others what to do and how to do it and considers itself a world influence, as all are family (I). Microsoft wants to be in charge of itself (C) and knows how to take care of others (O) but doesn’t want to be told when to nurture (second O). Microsoft continues to learn (S), has a rebellious spirit (R) and strives for accuracy (R). This company will hold onto a pattern or idea longer than is sometimes necessary (FT) and wants to be the first to do things (T).”

In “Know the Name; Know the Person” there is a great example using the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally” where the two were set up on a blind date. “Knowing Neimology™ Science, the couple would have had an idea of the other before meeting. They would have known the other was just as mentally oriented as themselves, shared a love of books, both were amiable individuals, observant and competent. They had lots in common to start conversations and a relationship”.

“Know the Name; Know the Person” shows you how to unlock the secrets hidden within someone’s name so that you have immediate access to someone’s personality. This discovery about names is breath of fresh air and I applaud Sharón Wyeth for working hard to get this book published. Know the Name, Know the Person is not just a book you’ll read once, but like a dictionary, you will find yourself returning to it often. Whether better understanding a co-worker, friend, relative, spouse or naming a newborn, “Know the Name; Know the Person” is #1 on my recommendation list. After you buy your copy, it will become one of your favorite resource books of the year. Fun, entertaining and informative!

From a reader in Indiana

Testimonials - Finished reading my book this morning and it is totally awesome, and exactly right…simply amazing! Laurie Shafer, Morgantown, Indiana

From a reader in Canada

Testimonials - This is a serious and extraordinary body of work. I arrived at one of Wyeth’s readings a complete and utter skeptic. Yet after she decoded just a few names, I was on fire with excitement for what this study could reveal about people I know, but also those with whom I may want to collaborate. A must have for people in the Human Resources field. Bernard Morin, Artist and Shaman, New Twillingate, Netherlands, Canada.

Jim Agnew's Daily Book Pick

Testimonials - Review “Know the Name; Know the Person” is Jim Agnew’s Literary World Daily Book Pick book choice for November 22, 2008. Jim Agnew’s Daily Book Picks 2008 Award for Literary Excellence for Books and Books of the Year 2007, Books on Names category for “Know the Name; Know the Person” announced January 17, 2008

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