150 Tabby Cat Names

If you have a tabby cat, you will most likely give them a name they like. But what if your tabby does not have a name yet? Here is a list of tabby cat names that might help you choose the perfect one for your beloved pet.

Here are some examples of Tabby cat names

– Spotty: there’s no doubt about it – this one has got to be on anyone’s top ten! It works perfectly as both a first and last name.

– Tumbleweed: an unusual but charming pick for those who admire nature. Plus, cats often love rolling around in the grasses and tumbleweeds!

– Tabasco: why not pay homage to their own kind by naming them after one of the oldest and most well-known brands of hot sauce in the world?

– Zeus: a powerful, regal name for a cat who demands respect.

– Tigger: if you have ever watched Winnie the Pooh , you will know exactly why this is a perfect fit for a playful tabby!

– Princess: all female cats deserve to be treated like royalty, so it is only appropriate that they have an equally regious name!

– Hotspur: another name that you can use for both male and female tabby cats. It is inspired by the Shakespearean character of the same name, which means it has a charming literary quality to it.

– Meer Kat: tabby cats are beautiful creatures, so why not give them an equally beautiful name? This one means ‘more cat’ in Dutch, so your pet will always feel special when you call out their full name!

– Taffy Tassel Top: if you really want to show off your creativity, this might be the perfect pick for you. And who knows – perhaps your friends or family members will decide to copycat with some unusual names of their own!

– Spotted Pelt: a cat with a spotted pelt is bound to be beautiful, so why not pay tribute to them with an equally beautiful name?

– Whiskers: a classic option that never goes out of style. For those who want their tabby cats to have a name as classic as their personality!

– Tabbish: this one may be more unusual but it has both touches of cuteness and originality. Not bad for your pet’s first name!

– Fluffernutter: if you are looking for something different, then look no further than this adorable pick. It is long enough that you can call out just part of their name – such as “Fluff” – on those times when you just need to get their attention quickly!

– Tippet: if your cat loves to chase after things, this name will be perfect for them as it is a variation of the word ‘tip’ and they may well learn to respond to it! It has a gentle sound that would also make a good first name.

– Tiger Lilly: you can use either part of the name as their first or last, depending on what you think suits them best. Either way, it shows off your own creativity and is bound to brighten up any room that it is used in!

– Tangerine: a bright name for any colourful feline friends you may have. Another perk? They might just love how tasty tangerines are.

– Tibbs: a fun pet name for a playful tabby friend. Plus, it is similar to the word ‘kitty’ so you can call them both at the same time if you need some extra encouragement to get off your sofa and play!

– Cheeks: a perfect pick for any cat who loves spending their time being stroked on their face by their owner. It may not be one of the more unusual names on this list, but it does have an element of cuteness that many others lack.

– Punkin: just like Fluffernutter , this option combines two words into one pick. And while some might say punkin sounds too much like pumpkin, there’s no denying that your cat will look ready for Halloween when you call them this!

– Tuxedo Cat: a play on the more traditional tuxedo suit, this name is not only adorable but quite fitting too. Just look at those cute markings!

– Tabbykin: if you are looking for something unusual, then why not try this pick? While it may sound slightly strange at first, your tabby cat will soon grow to love it.

– Tibballa: just like Tibbs , this one is good as either your pet’s first or last name – it all depends on what you think suits them best. And if their personality comes with its own collection of unique quirks and habits, this is sure to fit them perfectly.

– Tam O’Shanter: just as with Hotspur , you can use either part of this pick as your pet’s first or last name. It is inspired by a famous poem and will perfectly suit those who like to nibble on grass left over from the day’s mowing!

– Tally Ho: both fun and unique, this pick is bound to be popular with your friends whenever they catch sight of it. And while it might not be one that sticks in their memory long, there’s no doubting that your tabby cat will love hearing you call out their name whenever they are ready for dinner!

– Stripes: if all else fails, why not go with the classic ‘stripes’? While some may think it sounds too simple, it is short and sweet – just like your pet!

– Tarzan: if you’re looking for something royal and regal, then this might be the one to go with. And who knows? A name as unique as this may even help your tabby cat find a new home sooner than expected.

– Shoot Shoot: another unusual pick that can either be used as a first or last name depending on what you think suits your pet most. It’s an interesting option but not one that many people would choose – which means you will certainly make an impression whenever anyone hears it!

– The Cat in the Hat : an ideal choice for any owners who are fans of Dr Seuss, this name comes from one of his more popular books. Just note that it doesn’t offer a whole heap of creativity and there are plenty of other unique names on this list, so make sure your pet lives up to their name!

– The Great Zucchini: if you think there’s more to your tabby cat than meets the eye, then why not try this name out? It may sound random at first but just wait until people start seeing how much they grow in personality after hearing it. Now, that’s what I call one heck of a pick!

Other Cute Tabby Cat Names

  1. Orange
  2. Hodgepodge
  3. Petals
  4. Missy
  5. Colby
  6. Linguine
  7. Inky
  8. Emma
  9. Cinder
  10. Tang
  11. Hershey
  12. Kiki
  13. Christian Grey
  14. Paisley
  15. Foxy
  16. Lulu
  17. Tabitha
  18. Poppy
  19. dark tabby cat
  20. Platinum
  21. Pebbles
  22. Copper
  23. tabby cat on chair, names for tabby cats
  24. Socks
  25. Coconut
  26. Shadow
  27. Princess
  28. Raj
  29. Scar
  30. Piper
  31. Slate
  32. Auburn
  33. Tiggy
  34. Earl Grey
  35. Dorito
  36. Slim Shady
  37. Marble
  38. Monty
  39. Silver Fox
  40. Zebra
  41. Apricot
  42. Blade
  43. Hercules
  44. Goldie
  45. Shaggy
  46. Silky
  47. Misty
  48. Tiger
  49. Hunter
  50. Victor
  51. Oreo
  52. Badger
  53. Cookie
  54. Domino
  55. Ebony
  56. Quintin
  57. Spot
  58. Dotty
  59. Puff
  60. Mango
  61. Patches
  62. Mars
  63. Catniss
  64. Kobe
  65. Oliver
  66. Rufus
  67. Stripes
  68. Grey Gardens
  69. Fire
  70. Garfield
  71. Cheyenne
  72. Jazz
  73. Lili
  74. Blaze
  75. Buckwheat
  76. Tablet
  77. Smurfette
  78. Toby
  79. Elvis
  80. Heathcliff
  81. Juliet
  82. Cheetah
  83. Curry
  84. Checkers
  85. Raven
  86. Leopard
  87. Poupon
  88. Speckles
  89. Honey
  90. Ginger
  91. Peanut
  92. Greyhound
  93. Nutmeg
  94. Ariel
  95. Tinkerbell
  96. Smokey
  97. Blossom
  98. Amber
  99. Pepper
  100. Bullseye
  101. Snickers
  102. Bumblebee
  103. Queenie
  104. Lexie
  105. Eclair
  106. M&M
  107. Furball
  108. Swirly
  109. Mac
  110. Jelly
  111. Binx
  112. Jinx
  113. Felix
  114. Prince
  115. Noodles
  116. Patchwork
  117. Mocha
  118. Muffin
  119. Duchess
  120. Raya