African Names that Start with A

These are the traditional interpretations of African Names begin with A. Remember that we do Neimology™ Science interpretations of names that give both the attitudes and emotional behaviors of the person based on their name. Using Neimology™ Science all of these names start with an A are people who flip between being a workaholic and a couch potato. That is only one characteristic of one letter. Much more can be known.

African Names that Start with A

African Names begin with A:

Aba- Born on Thursday

Ababuo- Child that returns

Ababuo- Child that keeps coming back

Abagbe- This child was desired

Abam- Second-born after twins

Abana- Born on a Tuesday

Abassi- God

Abayomi- Pleasant meeting, bringer of joy and happiness

Abbo- Accoutrement

Abda- Servant

Abdalla- Servant of God

Abdas- Servant of God

Abdul- Servant of the Lord

Abeba- Flower

Abebe- Asked for

Abebi- Believer who requests female child

Abeeku- Born on a Wednesday

Abegbe-We asked for this child to lift her up

Abeje- Requested

Abejide-Born during winter

Abeke-We begged for her to caress her

Abelo-Free gift

Abena-Born on Tuesday

Abeni-We requested a child and our prayers were answered

Abeni- Girl prayed for

Abeo- I bring joy, come to bring happiness

Aberash- Giving off light

Abidemi- Girl born during her father’s absence

Abikanile- Listen

Abimbola- Born to be wealthy

Abina- Father

Abiodun- Born during a war

Abiola- Born in honor

Abiona- Born during a trip

Abioye- Born into royalty and with a festival

Abla- Wild rose

Abu- Father

Abuya- Born when the garden was barren

Achieng- Born at midday

Ada- First daughter

Adaeze- Princess

Adah- First daughter

Adana- Her father’s daughter

Adande- Challenger

Adanma- Daughter of beauty

Adanna- Father’s daughter

Adannaya- Her father’s daughter

Addae- The morning sun

Ade- Crown, royal

Adebayo- He was happy

Adeben- Twelfth-born son from Ghana

Adebowale- My crown has come home

Adegoke- The crown has been exalted

Adejola- The crown needs honor

Adero- Life giver

Adesola- The crown honored us

Adetokunbo- The crown came from over the sea

Adhra- Apology

Adiel- Goat

Adika- Nigerian name given to the first child from a second husband

Adila- Just, upright

Adimu- Rare

Adin- Decorative

Adio- Righteous

Adisa- One who is clear

Adisa- The clear one

Adjua- Born on Monday

Adla- Justice

Adofo- Ghanian word for warrior

Adom- Has God’s blessing

Adunbi- Pleasant

Adusa- Thirteenth-born child

Adwin- Artist

Adwoa- Born on Monday

Adzo- Born on Monday

Afaafa- Virtue

Afam- Friendly

Afi- Born on Friday

Afifa- Virtuous, pure

Afiya- Health

Afolabi- Born into wealth

Afua- Born on a Friday

Afua- Forgiveness

Afya- Health

Aganju- Related to the earth

Agbeko- Life

Ahadi- With much promise

Aida- Gain, advantage

Aidoo- Arrived

Ainra- Lasting power

Aisha- Beautiful, full of life, she is life, greens, vegetables

Aiyetoro- Peace on earth

More African Names that Start with A

African Names begin with A continued:

Ajani- He who wins the struggle

Ajia- Quick, fast

Akachi- The hand of God

Akanni- Profitable encounter

Akeyo- Born during the harvest

Akiiki- Friend, encounter brings wealth, lucky

Akilah- Intelligent

Akili- Wise, intelligent, bright, has wisdom

Akinlabi- We have a boy

Akinlana- Brave

Akinyi- Born in the early morning

Akono- My turn

Akosua- Born on Sunday

Akoth- Born during the rainy season

Akua- Born on Wednesday or born on Thursday if from Ghana

Akuabia- Here is wealth

Akuako- Clear vision, youngest twin

Akuchi- Wealth from God

Akwate- Oldest twin

Akwetee- Second twin boy from Ghana

Alaba- Second child

Alaezi- Exonerated

Alika- Most beautiful

Aliya- Exalted

Almasi- Diamond

Aluna- Come here

Aluoch- Born on a overcast morning

Alyetoro- Peace on earth

Ama- Born on Saturday

Amadi- Fated to die at birth; if lives a free man

Amali- Hope mythology- the wife of a Hindu demigod

Aman- Trustworthy

Amana- Trust

Amara- Grace

Amarachi- God’s grace

Amaziah- Extraordinary

Ambonisye- God rewards me

Ameena- Trustworthy

Ameenah- Trustworthy

Ami- Saturday’s child

Amina- Trustworthy

Aminah- She is trustworthy

Aminali- Honest

Amineh- Trustworthy

Amira- Princess

Amiri- Prince

Amne- Secure

Amodi- Born at dawn

Anan- Fourth born child

Anana- Soft, gentle

Ande- Pillar, beautiful

Andile- They have extended

Andwele- God brings me

Aneesa- Companion

Angavu- Shining one

Angweng- Born during the time of white ants

Anindo- Mother slept a lot during pregnancy

Anisa- Shining one

Anisun- Friendly

Aniweta- Brought by a spirit

Antobam- Posthumous child

Añuli- Joy

Anum- fifth child born in Ghana

Apara- Child that comes and goes

Arafa- Knowledgeable

Aren- Eagle

Arogo- Mother nagged a lot during pregnancy

Arusi- Born at the time of a wedding

Asali- Sweet honey

Asatira- Legend

Asha- Life

Ashia- Hope mythology- the wife of a Hindu demigod

Ashur- Born during the month

Ashura- Companion

Asilia- Honest sage

Asiya- Console

Asma- Higher

Asmahani- Exalted


Asya- Born during time of grief

Ata- first-born twin

Atiya- Gift

Atsu- second-born twin

Atu- born on Saturday who smells good

Atuanya- A surprise

Audi- Last daughter

Awena- Gentle

Awino- Born with the cord around them

Awiti- Thrown away

Awiti- Born after misfortune

Awotwi- Eighth born child

Ayana- Beautiful iris or flower, colorful, connected to sound

Ayanna- Beautiful flower

Ayize- Let it come

Ayo- Joy

Ayo- Nigerian name meaning happiness

Ayodele- Joy has come

Ayokunle- Joy has filled the home

Ayomide- My joy has arrived

Ayotunde- Joy has returned

Aza- Powerful

Azi- Nigerian name meaning youth

Aziza- Precious

Azubuike- The past is your strength

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