African Names that Start with B

These are the traditional meanings of African Names begin with B. More than a few words can be said about each of these names when using Neimology™ Science. Check out the blog page for examples of what we mean. They are longer to give you an idea of what we mean, but still incomplete.

African Names that Start with B

Baakir- Eldest

Baako- First born child

Baba- Born on Thursday

Babafemi- Nigerian for my father loves me

Babajide- Father has returned

Babirye- First of twins born with vision, dream vision

Badrani- Full moon

Badriva- Moorlike

Bahati- I am lucky, my back is strong

Bahiya- Beautiful

Bakari- Promising

Bamidele- Follow me home

Barke- Blessings

Barongo- Younger of twin

Baruti- Teacher

Basha- Act of God

Bashaam- Rich

Bashira- Predictor of good news

Basma- A smile

Batuuli- Maiden

Baya- Ugly

Bayyina- Evidence, proof

Bello- Assistant

Bem- Nigerian word for peace

Benada- Born on Tuesday

Berko- First born

Betserai- Zimbabwean name meaning help

Bia- Home

Bimbaya- Ugly lady

Bimdogo- Young lady

Bimkubwa- Great lady

Bimnono- Fat lady

Binah- Dancer

Binta- With God

Bisa- Loved

Bishara- Good news

Bitisururu- Daughter of happiness, good to environment

Boahinmaa- One who has left her community

Bobo- Child born on Tuesday

Bodua- Animal tail

Boipelo- Proud

Boitumelo- Joy

Bolanle- Finds wealth at home

Bomani- Malawian name meaning strong soldier

Bongani- Be grateful

Bornani- Malawian name meaning warrior

Boseda- Nigerian name given to a child born on Sunday

Bosede- Born on Sunday

Bour- Rock

Bron- Origin

Bunme- My gift

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