African Names that Start with C

Are you looking for unique African names? Look no further! Here we have listed numerous African names that start with C. These are names we particularly like and hope you enjoy the list too.

African Names that Start with C

African Names begin with C are:

Chacha- Strong

Chane- Plant

Chausiku- Born at night

Chenzira- Zimbabwean name meaning born while traveling

Chi- Has spiritual guidance, energy

Chiamaka- God is beautiful

Chibale- Kinship

Chibueze- God is king, reality is seen

Chibuike- God is strength

Chibuzo- God leads the way, graceful

Chichi- Diminutive “God”

Chidi- God exists

Chidiebere- God is merciful

Chidiebube- God is glorious, uninhibited

Chidiegwu- God is wonderful, proceed unimpeded

Chidike- God is strong

Chidimma- God is good

Chiemeka- God has performed great deeds

Chijindum- God holds my life

Chika- God is supreme

Chikae- God’s power

Chike- Talented, God is the the greatest Chikere- God created peace

Chiku- Chatterer

Chikwuemeka- God has done something great

Chima- God knows

Chimalsi- Proud

Chinasa- God answers

Chinedu- God leads

Chinelo- Talented

Chinonso- God is nearby

Chinua- God protects

Chinue- God’s blessing

Chinwe- God owns

Chinweike- God owns the power

Chinwendu- God owns life

Chinweuba- God owns wealth

Chinyere- God gave

Chioke- God’s gift

Chioma- Good God

Chionesu- Protector

Chipo- Gift in the summer

Chisulo- Steel

Chiumbo- Small

Chizoba- God protect us

Chuioke- Talented

Chuma- Bead

Chyou- Autumn

Cilombo- Camp by the road

Cinese- God protects

Cong- Intelligent or clever

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