African Names that Start with D, E and F

African names begin with D, E or F follow. These are the traditional interpretations. Neimology™ Science gives more than a three-word meaning to names as it explains the attributes and emotional dispositions inherent in the name. Short examples of these can be found on the blog page. Would you like this done with your name? You can order your name done. See the sidebar for more information.

African Names that Start with D

Dabir- Teacher

Dada- Curly hair

Dakarai- Rejoice

Daktari- Healer

Dalia- Gentle

Dalila- Gentleness is her soul

Damisi- Sociable, cheerful, needs attention

Danladi- Born on a Sunday

Daren- Born at nightDarweshi- Devout

Daudi- Beloved

Dawa- Medleine

Dawud- Beloved

Dayo- Joy arrives

De- Virtue, Cheerful, needs clutter

Deka- Pleasing

Delu- The only girl

Desta- Joy

Dhakiya- Intelligent

Dhambizao- Responsible for their own sins

Dhuriya- Descendant

Diallo- Bold

Dikeledi- Tears

Dodo- Lovable, large

Doli- Doll

Dong- East

Dubaku- Eleventh born child

Dulani- Cutting

Dumaka- Help out

Dumisani- Give praise

African Names that Start with E

Ebele- Mercy, kindness

Ebo- Born on Tuesday

Efia- Born on Friday

Ehioze- Not jealous

Eidi- Festival

Ekene- Praise

Ekenedilichukwu- All praise to God

Ekon- Strong

Ekundaya- Sorrow becomes joy

Ekwueme- He says, He does

Elewa- Intelligent

Ellema- Milking a cow

Emeka- Great deeds

Emem- Peace

Enam- Gift from God

Eniola- Person of wealth

Enitan- Person of story

Enu- Fifth born child

Enyinnaya- His father’s friend

Eshe- Life

Esi- Born on Sunday

Essien- Sixth-born son

Etana- Strong one

Eyelin- The apple of parent’s eye

Eze- King

African Names that Start with F

Fadhila- Outstanding

Fahari- Splendour

Fahim- Learned

Faida- Benefit

Faika- Superior

Faiza- Victorious

Falala- Born into abundance

Fanaka- Prosperity

Farai- Rejoice

Faraji- Consolation

Farhani- Happy

Farida- Unique

Fenyang- Conquerer, sweet smelling

Fola- Honor

Folami- Respect and honor me

Foluke- Breath of flowers, placed in God’s hand

Fulumirani- A journey

Fumnanya- Love me

Funanya- Love

Fungai- Think, sweet smelling Funsan- Request

Furaha- Joy, happiness

Fynn- Name of a river in Ghana

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