African Names that Start with K, L and M

African Names begin with K, L and M are show with their traditional interpretations. However, behaviors and attitudes can also be shown for any name when Neimology™ Science is used. See African Name meanings main page for short examples.

African Names that Start with K, L and M

African Names begin with K

Kagiso- Peace

Kainda- Hunter’s daughter

Kali- Energetic

Kalifa- Chaste; holy

Kamili- Perfection

Kande- First born daughter

Kasinda- Born to a family with twins

Katlego- Success

Kato- Second of twins

Kaweria- Loving one

Kayin- Celebrated hero, manly

Kayode- He brought joy

Kefilwe- I was given

Kenda- Nine or December

Kenyi- Male born after 3+ girls

Kesia- Favorite, two

Kgosi- King, chief, truth

Khamisi- Born on Thursday

Kia- Season’s beginning

Kibwe- Blessed

Kiden- Female born after 3+ boys

Kioni- She who sees beyond, noble, older child

Kirabo- Gift

Kiros- The King

Kofi- Born on Friday

Kosey- Lion

Kunto- Third child

Kwabena- Born on Tuesday

Kwadwo- Born on Monday

Kwaku- Born on Wednesday, girl of darkness

Kwamboka- Born while crossing a river

Kwame- Born on Saturday

Kwasi- Born on Sunday

African Names that Start with L

Lateefah- Gentle, pleasant

Latif- Gentle

Latifa- Gentle

Layla- Born at night Lerato- Love

Lesedi- Light

Lewa- Beautiful

Lila- Bright and good

Lindiwe- Have waited

Lisha- Mysterious

Lulu- Pearl

Lumusi- Born face down

Lungile- The good one

African Names begin with M

Maalik- Experienced

Maha- Beautiful eyes

Maisha- Life

Makori- Born on the way

Malika- Queen

Mandisa- Sweet

Manyara- You have been humbled

Mariatu- Pure

Marjani- Coral, uncommon

Masamba- Leaves

Masego- Blessings

Masozi- Tears

Mawusi- In the hands of God

Mbali- Flower

Mchumba- Sweetheart

Mekena- Happy one

Melisizwe- Leader of a nation

Messina- The spoiler

Miniya- Much expected of her

Mirembe- Peace

Mkhululi- Release or free

Mojisola- Wake up to wealth

Monifa- I am lucky

Montsho- Black

Moraa- Fun loving

Morathi- Wise man

Morowa- Queen

Mosi- First child

Moswen- Light in color

Mpho- Gift

Mudiwa- Beloved

Mugure- Already purchased

Muhammed- Praised

Mukami- A milk maid

Mukondi- A dancer

Mumbi- Creator, mother of the people

Muna- The Lord is with you

Munashe- With God

Murigo- This is a load

Murugi- -She cooks

Muthoni- She is an in law

Mwanajuma- Born on Friday

Mwenya- Owner, lord

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