African Names that Start with N, O, P and Q

African Names begin with N, O, P and Q are shown with their traditional interpretations. However, behaviors and attitudes can also be shown for any name when Neimology™ Science is used. See African Name meanings main page for short examples.

African Names that Start with N




Nafula-Born during the rainy season


Nakato-Second of twins

Nakiebra-A bright child


Nanyanika-God’s gift

Nasha-Born during rainy season



Neema-Born in prosperity

Neo-Gift, detective, wants to be known

Ngendo-A traveler, longevity

Ngina-One who serves



Njeri-Daughter of a warrior

Njoki-She who returned

Nkechinyere-What God has given, a gift from God

Nkemdilim-Let it be mine

Nkiruka-The best is still to come



Nkruma-Ninth born child

Nnamdi-My father is alive

Nneka-My mother is supreme

Nnenna-Father’s mother

Nnenne-Mother’s mother



Nontle-Mother of beauty

Nosipho-Mother of a gift

Nosizwe-Mother of a nation

Nsia-Sixth born child



Nuru-Born at night, makes own light

Nwanneka-My siblings are supreme

Nyaguthii-A traveler, sojourn

Nyakio-Hard working, capable

Nyako-Girl, ruler

Nyambura-Born of the rain

Nyanjera-Born on the way

Nyarai-Be humble, over-competent

Nyathera-She survived, conquers stress

Nyawira-Hard worker, learns from experience

Nyeki-Second wife

Nyokabi-Of the Masai people

African Names that Start with O

Obi-Heart, bossy

Ochieng-Born when the sun shines

Odhiambo-Born in the evening

Odongo-Second of twins

Ogbanye-First born, generous with time, boss

Ogechukwukama-God’s time is the best

Olabode-Wealth returns

Olamide-Wealth has arrived

Olamilekan-My wealth is increased

Olanrewaju-My wealth is the future

Olayinka-Wealth surrounds me

Olubunmi-Gift of God

Oluchi-God’s work

Olufemi-God loves me

Olufunke-God has cared for

Olufunmilayo-God gives me wealth

Olujimi-Given by God

Olukayode-God brings happiness

Olumide-God has come

Oluwakanyinsola-God has added sweetness to my wealth

Oluwasegun-God has been victorious

Oluwaseun-We thank God

Oluwaseyi-God made this

Oluwatoyin-God is worthy to be praised

Oluwayemisi-God honors me

Omari-God the highest, wants fairness

Omarr-God the highest

Omobolanle-A child who met wealth at home

Omolara-A child is family

Oni-Born in sacred abode

Onyekachi-Who is greater than God?

Opeyemi-I should give praise

Oringo-He who likes the hunt

Otieno-Born at night


African Names that Start with P and Q

Paka-Cat, hard worker

Paki-Witness, leader

Polo-Alligator, self-confident

Pulika-Obedience, humorous

There are no African names that start with Q.

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