African Names that Start with V, W, X, Y and Z

African Names begin with V, W, X, Y and Z are show with their traditional interpretations. However, behaviors and attitudes can also be shown for any name when Neimology™ Science is used. See African Name meanings main page for short examples.

African names begin with V, W, X, Y and Z

African names that start with V and W

If you are aware of any names that start with V, please let us know, as we have not found any. However, we found some that started with W.

Waceera- Wanderer, empathic

Wairimu- Wisdom, deliverer

Waitherero- From the rivers flow, sexual prowess

Waitimu- Born of the spear, direct

Wambui- Singer of songs, artistic

Wamuhu- Born of ashes, joker, trickster

Wamuiru- Dark skinned beauty, rememberable

Wamweru- Light skinned, kinesthetic learner

Wangai- Born of God, mutable

Wangari- Leopard, kingly, works for betterment of mankind

Wangu- She gathers the firewood

Wanja- The one from without

Wanjeri- Born of Njeri

Wasswa- First of twins, knows gossip

Wekesa- Born during harvest, learns to control emotions

Winna- Friend

Wokabi- Masai tribal member, leader

Worknesh- You are like gold, one in charge

African names begin with X, Y and Z

Xhosa- Sweet, sugary nice

Yaa- Born on Thursday, servant of God, capable

Yakini- Seeker of truth

Yaro- Son, fair, capable

Yasmin- Jasmine, sparkle

Yaw- Born on Thursday, becoming wise

Yejide- Image of the mother, independent thinker

Yenee- Mine, empathic

Yewande- Mother has returned, wise beyond her years

Yohance- God’s gift, honorable

Zaci- God of Fatherhood, self-destructive

Zahir- Shining, extremist about work, workaholic, or completely lazy

Zahra- Flowering, blooming

Zaid- Increase, growth, close to God

Zaila- Female, determined

Zalika- Well born, likes richness of life

Zareb- Protector, balanced, well-rounded

Zawadi- Gift

Zene- Beautiful, emotional

Zi-Grow, multiply, seeks to be appreciated

Zina-Name, seeks to be worshipped

Zola-Quiet, tranquil yet bold

Zuberi-Strong sexual desires, materialism important

Zula-Egocentric, humorous, self-confident

Zuri-Beautiful, good looking, inner beauty

Zuwina-Good-natured, mature

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