How to Change Your Name Legally

How do you change your name? Each state has a different process for getting your name changed. Some require you to put it in the local paper for a specified amount of time; others require that you show you don’t owe money anywhere. Most simply have you go to the courthouse in your town, fill … Read more

1000+ Top Boy Names in 2021

The top boy names normally remain relatively the same. However, this year the boy names that are normally on top are basically missing. The names Elijah, Liam, Brayden, Mason, and Liam continue to gain in popularity. These four names have not been on the boys lists for all that long considering how long a boy … Read more


Impressions of people change when nicknames are used. Nicknames are the names used that are not your legal names. When an alternative name is given, it indicates, apparently or subtly, that the person giving the new name is attempting to encourage the recipient to show only the qualities and characteristics indicated by the new name. … Read more

African Names that Start with D, E and F

African names begin with D, E or F follow. These are the traditional interpretations. Neimology™ Science gives more than a three-word meaning to names as it explains the attributes and emotional dispositions inherent in the name. Short examples of these can be found on the blog page. Would you like this done with your name? … Read more

African Names that Start with C

Are you looking for unique African names? Look no further! Here we have listed numerous African names that start with C. These are names we particularly like and hope you enjoy the list too. African Names that Start with C African Names begin with C are: Chacha- Strong Chane- Plant Chausiku- Born at night Chenzira- … Read more

Business Name

Your business name is the first impression you make with potential customers. The names of companies and their products are of vital importance. Your name is your brand, and your identity. Drug companies spend thousands of dollars researching names for their drugs. Businesses realize that their name carries their reputation. When creating brand names, logos … Read more

1000+ Popular Girls Names in 2021

This year’s 10 top girl names list are missing what some have come to consider staple names as they have been on the list more often than not. Did you notice which names are missing? It appears that many names that started with ‘S’ are no longer included. This indicates that we don’t want our … Read more

Spanish Names that Start with A

Boy and girl Spanish name meanings starting with A are separated into girl names and boy names. Are we missing your name? If so, please use the box at the bottom of the page and request that your name be added. Spanish Names that Start with A Spanish Boy Names that Start with A Male … Read more

African Names that Start with N, O, P and Q

African Names begin with N, O, P and Q are shown with their traditional interpretations. However, behaviors and attitudes can also be shown for any name when Neimology™ Science is used. See African Name meanings main page for short examples. African Names that Start with N Naasir-Defender Nabila-Noble Nadia-Caller Nafula-Born during the rainy season Naima-Graceful … Read more

Political Names Deciphered

Presidential candidate names will be deciphered here once people start campaigning the 2020 elections presidential elections. Some of the names from the 2016 election have been kept as they may wish to run again in the next election. Hillary Clinton Hillary has had an impressive career from being a highly regarded lawyer, to being the … Read more