Bible Names

Bible names were important and had special meanings in Biblical times. A person’s name “revealed what was supposed to be the persons essence or true nature” according to Biblical scholar Joseph John Dewey in his book “The Immortal”. Therefore, when Moses had the chance to ask God anything, he asked him what his name was.

Just think, Moses could have asked God anything and he wanted to know his name. The reason was probably because, with a name, Moses would have gained a more complete understanding of God. At that time in history, it was believed that only when individuals understood their names, could they fully understand the truth about themselves.

The list of names found in the Bible is below. If you’d like to know what each Bible names mean, please click on the name almanac tab.

Religious Name Meanings

Religious name meanings vary according to the religion. According to many ancient religions, the aborigines and other ancient tribes like the Dogons, your first name is the name you impressed upon your parents to give to you. Since this is the name the soul wanted, it is also the name that carries the most information about the individual. This name shows the personality, both the overt and covert parts, and represents how one presents self to the world.

Each religion has its own name ceremonies and stresses the importance of names in different ways. The same name often changes its spelling or pronunciation, and yet retains its core qualities as it adapts to the structure of the various world religions.

Spiritual Name Meanings

Spiritual name meanings differ from religious name meanings. Religious name meanings are often taken directly from the books that the religion holds dear. However, spiritual name meanings would hold true for regardless of the religion.

Per spiriutality, the first name identifies one’s moral compass.

Spiritual people would say the first name reveals the soul’s wishes for this lifetime, while the entire name contains their contract with God. Each time an individual hears his/her name, the hidden messages within the name are being reinforced.

Bible Names

Genesis informs us that God changed people’s Bible names

In the book of Genesis in the Bible names, and their consequential meanings, changed,as God began changing names; Sarai became Sarah, and Abram became Abraham. Notice that in both cases ‘H’ was added. For this reason, I have nicknamed the ‘H’ as the holy letter, as it brings with it more gifts than challenges and helps one to stay in life’s flow by aligning one’s will to God’s will.

In the name Abraham, an extra ‘A’ was also added to assist Abraham in increasing his spiritual understanding. “Names are not accidents in the Torah. We find in many places that the name of a person or a thing tells us about its nature. And the same is true of the Sidrot”.* God continues to change names with Jacob being renamed Israel. In the Bible, the name Israel means to wrestle or struggle with God. It is interesting to note that the name Israel breaks down into three component parts, IS-RA-EL. In Neimology™ Science ‘IS’ represents the feminine divine principle, ‘RA’ the masculine divine principle and ‘EL’ godliness. In other words, the name Israel includes both the masculine, feminine and divine aspects of God.

*”Torah Studies” by Chabad organization published Oct. 17, 2007

Interesting facts about Bible names

All of the Bible names that follow are from the King James Version of the Bible. Names that were of places, but not people, like Mt. Moriah, are not included. City names like Seal and Myra are also not included. Some names which are names of places, like the wilderness are Tekoh are included as Ashur named his son Tekoh, so the name Takoh also referred to a person. Thus it is included.

Not all names that appear in the Bible are of Hebrew origin. For example, Marsena, Memucan and Meres are of Persian origin and Caesar is of Roman origin.

The Bible does not mention all of the Hebrew names that exist. So, names like Galya, the female version of Gabriel, and Hephzibah, Shera,and Tirza are not included. However, they are included in the Hebrew name section.

There are many more male names than female names, which is contrary to today’s records which have a larger variety of female names.

Each name in the list has been verified by the Blue Letter Bible You are welcome to write to me if you feel that I have accidentally omitted a name. Please check with the Blue Letter Bible prior to submitting names. I am happy to add to the list if I’ve left any out, and to post the meaning of that name in the name almanac section.

Boy Bible Names

The meanings of these names can be found in the name almanac section. These are the male names that appear in the Bible.Aaron, Abel, Abdi, Aabida, Abijah, Abital, Abner, Abram, Abraham, Absolom, Achan, Adam, Adlai, Admatha, Adonijah, Adonizedek, Ahab, Ahasuerus, Ahaziah, Ahava, Ahikam, Ahimaaz, Ahuzam, Alion, Alphaeus, Alvah, Amal, Amariah, Amasai, Ammiel, Ammon, Amon, Amos, Amram, Ananias, Anath, Ara, Archippus, Archelaus, Asa, Asahel, Ashchenaz, Asher, Asshur, Azariah, Baal, Barnabas, Bartholomew, Baruch, Barzillai, Bedad, Beeri, Benaiah, Benhadad, Bethuel, Boaz, Caesar, Cain, Caleb, CAlcol, Carmi, Carpus, Carshena, Chilion, Chilmad, Chuza, Cushi, Cyrus, Daniel, Dara, Darius, David, Debir, Demetrius, Ebenezer, Eden, Edom, Ehud, Elam, Eldaah, Elihu, Elijah, Elielech, Elisha, Elkanah, Elon, Emanuel, Enoch, Ephah, Epher, Ephraim, Eran, Esau, Ethan, Ethanan, Ezekiel, Ezra, Felix, Gabriel, Garrison, Gealiah, Gehazi, Gershon, Gibea, Gideon, Gilead, Goliath, Gomer, Haahashtari, Hadad, Haggith, Hamor, Hanameel, Haran, Heber, Heman, Hepher, Hillel, Hiram, Hoham, Hosea, Husham, Ira, Isaiah, Iscah, Ishmael, Israel, Ithamar, Jabez, Jabin, Jachin, Jacob, Jadon, Jairus, James, Japhia, Japheth, Jared, Jason Javan, Jehalelel, Jehoiakim, Jehoram, Jehoshaphat, Jehudi, Jerahmeel, Jeremiah, Jericho, Jeshua, Jesse, jethro, Jezebel, Jezoar, Joah, Joash, job, Joel, Jonah, Jonathan, Joram, Joseph, Joshua, Josiah, Judah, Julius, Kenan, Kenaz, Keturah, Kish, Laban, lamech, Levi, Lot, Luke, Machbenah, Madai, Madmannah, Magog, Mahath, Mahion, Manasseh, Malachi, Marsena, Mark, Memucan, Merari, Meres, meshach, Micah, Miniamin, Moab, Mordecai, Moses, Nahash, Nahor, Nathan, Nebuzaradan, Nehemiah, Ner, Neriah, Nethaniah, Nicodemus, Noah, Obadiah, Obed, Omar, Omri, Onam, Oren, Othniel, Pallu, Paul, Peter, Phares, Piram, Pontius, Potipherah, Raphael, Reuben, Reuel, Riphath, Rufus, Samson, Samuel, Saul, Seraiah, Seth, Shadrach, Shaaph, Shaphan, Shechem, Shecaniah, Shelemiah, Shemaiah, Shephatiah, Shethar, Sheva, Shiloh, Shobi, Silas, Simeon, Simon, Solomon, Tarshish, Temeni, Tekoh, Terah,Timothy, Tiras, Tobias, Togarmah, Tubal, Uri, Uriel, Uzi, Zachariah, Zadok, Zalmon, Zared, Zebulon, Zedekiah, Zereth, Zimri

Girl Bible Names

The meanings of these names can be found in the name almanac section. These are the female names that appear in the Bible.

Abigail, Abishai, Adah, Adalia, Ahava, Ahinoan, Amissa, Apphia, Aridatha, Achsah, Asenath, Atarah, Athaliah, Basemath, Bathsheba, Bethany, Beulah, Candace,Carmel, Chanah, Delilah, Dinah, Edna, Eglah, Esther, Eunice, Eve, Gilana, Gomer, Hadassah, Hana, Hannah, Helah, Janna, Jedida, Jensine, Jerusha, Joanna, Jora, Judith, Kerenhappuch, Keturah, Kezia, Keziah, Leah, Lois, Lydia, Maaseiah, Machir, Mahalath, Mara, Martha, Milcah, Miriam, Naarah, Naomi, Peninnah, Persis, Poratha, Rachel, Rebekah, Rezeph, Rhoda, Ruth, Salome, Samaria, Sapphira, Sarai, Sarah, Shamsherai, Sharon, Shehariah, Shekinah, Susanna, Tabitha, Talitha, Tamar, Tryphena, Tryphosa, Vashti, Zillah, Zilpah, Zipporah

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