Popular Japanese Names with Meanings

Names all have challenges and gifts and popular Japanese baby names are no different. What is important is how one chooses to demonstrate the qualities in his/her name as the same qualities can be used differently. Within every single culture the construction of names have cultural idiosyncrasies. The popular Japanese baby names never put two … Read more

20 Naughty Names for Girls and Boys

Is there such a thing as most naughty names? Are some names worse than others? According to a study done by “School Stickers” there are twenty most naughty names proven to belong to the most badly behaved children.  England’s  E-zine quoted this study which asked 60,000 children to digitally record the stickers they received in … Read more

Spanish Names Starting with D – E

Spanish name meanings starting with D – E are separated into girl names and boy names and are listed alphabetically. Plus, Spanish name meanings starting with D – E have the D names separated from the E names. Are we missing your name? You are welcome to write to us if you do not see … Read more