First Name Meanings


First name meanings represent the essence of who you are. How would you identify who you are to others if you didn’t have a name? The first name indicates the qualities and characteristics that you brought with you when born. Your name indicates your strengths or natural talents along with your challenges or things you may find difficult.

People identify themselves mainly by their first names. Every person has a first name, many have middle names, all have at least one family name and some have nicknames. It is also the name that carries the most information about the individual. This name shows the personality, both the overt and covert parts, and represents how one presents self to the world.

First names indicate the way a person thinks, feels and behaves

First name meanings contain the way a person thinks, feels, and how he or she will behave. Also included is what the person came to do and the gifts or talents that would assist in meeting one’s goals. Another way of saying this is that the first name identifies the karmic issues for this lifetime and the qualities one has in order to successfully accomplish what he or she came to learn. The first name identifies the individual’s methodology of learning and one’s moral compass.

First names give first impressions

Also revealed in the first name is both the first impression that an individual will make plus the lasting impression one will give. The first impression of a person is discovered in the first letter of the name. The qualities carried in the first initial are the strongest, most dominant attitudes in the personality; hence, they become the first impression. Conversely, the qualities represented in the last letter of a name become the lasting impression someone will have of the person. So, when asked to describe someone, most often, it is the traits carried in the last letter of the name that are mentioned first.

Impact of your name

Your first name meaning impacts you. This is because each sound has a frequency that corresponds to a quality or characteristic. So, each time you hear your name, the sounds that comprise your name are heard and their corresponding frequencies are perceived. Each of these frequencies corresponds to a characteristic or trait. Hence, the sounds, as indicated by the letters used to spell your name, reinforce the qualities in your name each time you hear your name. Some of these qualities are shared for you freely on the tab called name almanac.

Expectations surrounding names

There is an unconscious expectation that comes hidden within a name. If not, the American language would not have acquired idioms like Smart-Alec and Peeping Tom. There are names that refer to actions such as a Dear John letter, names such as Jane Doe to label an unidentified female and John Q. Public to refer to a citizen. Plus, there are expressions like ‘by George, I think I’ve got it’, ‘Tom foolery’ and ‘I’m just joshing you’. There are more innuendos around the name Jack than any other: a Jack-of-all-trades, to jack up a price or jack someone up or take advantage of them, as well as Jump Back Jack, to name a few. Thanks to the nursery rhyme that reads, “Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jumped over the candle stick,” we subconsciously realize that Jacks are quick and bright and can think on their feet. Phrases utilizing the name Jack mean someone who is able to rapidly learn from errors, and hence, bounce back quickly.

What do people expect from you when they hear your name? First name meanings give clues as to who you are to others when you introduce yourself. What are you saying to others? You can find out from having your name analyzed.

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