Giving Gifts Using Names

Giving gifts using names is easy when using Neimology™ Science. The first vowel in the first name indicates many things including your learning style, your communication style and what type of gifts are preferred. So, in the name Elizabeth, the ‘E’ would determine the category of gifts appreciated, while in the name Joyce, the ‘O’ would determine the type of gift. Remember to use the first name in this instance.

Giving gifts Using Names

Giving gifts using names – ‘A’ is the first vowel

An ideal gift for people who have ‘A’ for their first vowel would be any item that helps them be more practical or saves them time, but not gadgets. Sharper knifes in the kitchen, organizational trays, books, or whatever else indulgences their extravagance, or cleaning services for the house are all practical gifts. Aesthetic gifts are another type of gift that is appreciated, as ‘A’ people like to have art around them. Being practical minded, it is the ‘A’ who will quickly re-gift an item when it does not fit into their realm of usefulness.

Giving gifts using names – ‘E’ is the first vowel

Gift shopping for the person whose first vowel is ‘E’ is relatively easy as they love anything of beauty or that brings excitement or adventure into their lives, like a ticket to a play. They also enjoy items that help them to feel good, like beauty products, new clothes or items that give pleasure to self, like a massage, sensory bath products or art.

Giving gifts using names – ‘I’ is the first vowel

Shopping for the ‘I’ person can take extra effort and planning as the gift must say that you were listening to them and did a great deal of thinking on their behalf. The gift has to be something that the ‘I’ person has stated is wanted or a gift that you noticed s/he could use to make his/her life easier. The recipient of the gift is easily insulted if the following conditions have not been met as the ‘I’ feels you are getting them a gift out of obligation and not from truly caring.

Giving gifts using names – ‘O’ is the first vowel

People with the first vowel of ‘O’ want to make their own choices. Thus the ‘O’ is the easiest of all of the vowels when it comes to giving gifts as they appreciate receiving money. So a check will do, and cash is even better. If you do want to buy them a gift, make it expensive, as the ‘O’ will often equate how much they are loved with how much money you spent on them.

Giving gifts using names – ‘U’ is the first vowel

Shopping for the ‘U’ is easy as they enjoy gifts that remind them of fun or anything that creates an opportunity to play. So buy them an experience that they would not have had otherwise: a theater ticket, a train ride, a fancy meal, a cultural experience or even a toy or game to emphasis their playfulness. A gift certificate is also wonderful as ‘U’s love to window shop, and it gives them an excuse to buy.

Giving gifts using names – ‘y’ is the first vowel

Gift giving can be a challenge unless one remembers that the ‘Y’ wants something different or creative, and definitely not what everyone else has. Homemade gifts are wonderful as is any experience that is out of the ordinary. Make them a Christmas ornament, create a mobile for their yard that creates a pleasant sound, and take them up in an air balloon, or on a surprise date. With their precision memory the ‘Y’ will remember who gave them each gift, even years later. The most appreciated gifts are those that cannot easily be duplicated.

Complimentary Gifts to Neimology™ Science

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