Muslim Names for Girls and Boys

Muslim names for girls and boys are important as their culture recognizes the significance of names. In the Bible’s book of Genesis, God began changing names. He started with Abram who became Abraham, and Sarai, who became Sarah. Abraham is considered the father of the Islamic population. Notice that the ‘H’ was added, causing the combination ‘AH’. Sarai’s name also changed to have an ‘AH’ combination in it. ‘AH’ is a letter combination that represents being on mission for the Divine. This letter depicts being able to align one’s will with what is perceived to be the will of the divine. In the name Abraham, an extra ‘A’ was also added in Abram’s name. This ‘A’ would change the number of ‘A’s from two to three. ‘A’s refer to spirituality, hence more ‘A’s would bring more spiritual understanding. Incredible how Abraham and Sarah’s life changed once their names changed.

Muslim Names for Girls and Boys

Muslim Names

Muslim name meanings are important as they indicate the person’s loyalty to God and to others. Muslim baby names are wanted by this site to include in our Name Almanac. Please send us your Muslim name and we’ll add it to this page with a short interpretation. Check back after sending to see what your name means. Please use the form provided on this page.

You may also be interested in seeing the list of Bible names available by clicking on the bible name tab on the left.

1. Abdullah: religious, on mission, great writer

2. Abdulrahman: religious, dedicated, on mission

3. Aisha or Aishah: Seeking freedom, on mission

4. Ali: Visionary or under illusion, needy

5. Fatima: Devoted, independent, amiable

6. Hassan: Obnoxious, annoying, offensive, and charming

7. Hussein: Great humor, good memory, inquisitive

8. Khadejah: clever, on mission, both religious and spiritual

9. Omer: Leader, charismatic, extremist

10. Zain: Self-directed, sensitive, and observant

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