Political Names Deciphered

Presidential candidate names will be deciphered here once people start campaigning the 2020 elections presidential elections.

Some of the names from the 2016 election have been kept as they may wish to run again in the next election.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary has had an impressive career from being a highly regarded lawyer, to being the First Lady when her husband Bill was president. She is in the limelight in her own right when Secretary of State in Obama’s administration.

Hillary is family oriented and her family is quite important to her. She wants her family to look good and is upset when private matters make their way into the public eye as she feels that family matters ought to stay private.

Hillary is a ‘wanna-be’. She loves to give advice and generally gives good advice. Her challenge is not to make up answers when she doesn’t know them.

She was born knowing what she wanted and keeps her goals for her entire life. She has fairness issues, and wants the world to be fair according to her definition. Remember, she uses her own definition of what is right here, and it may not agree with yours. However, it is not as easy for her to fight for her own rights, so she counts on others to assist her and to fight her battles for her when thing don’t go as planned. Even though she will always appear to be confident, she is uncomfortable standing up for herself. Fighting for issues she believes in comes much easier.

As a presidential candidate she would not take criticism well and sometimes it hurts so much that she would like to quit. She has had to learn to give herself a pep talk and keep going. Her defensive for this sensitivity was to become a victim and /or perpetrator of violence. She can play either role.

It is important for her to be liked by others. She can be the chameleon and is able to get along with any one when she wants to do so. In order to stay liked she will show the aspects of herself that she thinks another will approve of and hide the rest. She can morph into what she feels others expect of her to be liked.

Hilary has learned that it is important to stay in control and be in charge. She has learned to be charming and charismatic to get what she wants. She has learned to be organized and think in a logical manner. She has a good memory. She knows how to nurture but wants to choose whom she nurtures and when she nurtures.

She expects loyalty from those around her and carries a grudge. Hillary wants to get even when she feels that someone she has been good to violated her trust. She must guard against carrying grudges. Hilary is strong in her sense of who she is. She knows what she wants, and is determined to get what she wants. Her need to be in charge and control coupled with her need to appear good and be liked is her weakest link.

Probable motivation to be president: to gain for herself a challenge so she can grow. She would want to be president for her own desire to be the first woman president and truly make history.

Barack Obama

Copied from what was posted in 2008 when Obama was a presidential candidate. Obama is highly competitive; if he can’t win he doesn’t like to play. He has workaholic tendencies and his work is his play and his play is his work. So, to him play and work are the same thing. There is no real differentiation. His work is his life; it is what gives him purpose. He works for praise, more than money, as he requires other people’s approval.

He likes to be around competent people and has little patience for incompetence or stupidity. He would be sensitive to criticism and initially want to quit when attacked. However, once he has reflection time, he’d want to level the playing fields.

He has a quick mind and is good thinking on the spot. Truth is important to him and he dislikes those who lie to him. He is slow to alienate someone, but once he does, that person is out of his life as if they didn’t exist.

He takes situations and relationships to the extreme. What he likes he works hard and finishes. What he doesn’t like, he doesn’t do. It would get shuffled to someone else, if it got done at all. Said again, this is someone who will not do what he doesn’t want to do.

He also has fairness issues, which causes him to fight for the rights of those that he feels have had their rights violated. The people he fights for may not be the same people everyone would choose, for example, illegal immigrants. Whether you agree or disagree with his position, he’ll fight for what he wants. Fighting for issues and /or others comes easily.

He does not take criticism well and sometimes it hurts so much that he would like to quit. He has had to learn to give himself pep talks and keep going. His defensive for this sensitivity was to become quick witted and be able to respond quickly with his remarks.

Probable motivation to be president: He needs to be the best at whatever he does. His name indicates that he is narcissistic and needs to be the center of attention.

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump’s name is a strong name, so people will either love him or be disgusted by him. His name starts and ends with the Divine. So, what he does, he does because of his belief system about God and country. Donald has being a CEO in his name, he likes to be the boss, and if he can’t be the boss, he’d need autonomy in what he does. His name indicates that he has a temper and that what riles him up is when systems don’t work. He can see things as he wants them to be, not as they are; because of this some say he doesn’t see clearly, that he is living in an illusion. He is a visionary. He will always end up on the winning side. He is highly organized and has a great memory. He is strong in his opinions so others will either really love him or hate him.

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