Spanish Names that Start with A

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Spanish Names that Start with A

Spanish Boy Names that Start with A

Male Spanish name meanings starting with A

Abejundlo-able, attention seeking

Abelardo-able, perfectionist

Abran-improves others, leader

Absalon-smart, competitive

Aciano-serves others and self

Adalberto-thinking one is Godlike

Adan-being God-like on earth

Adriano-expert at pleasing God

Adulio- wants to please God

Aemiliano-overcoming obstacles

Aemilio-equal to rivals

Agusdin-dedicated to God

Agustin-dedicated to change

Agustino-dedicated to tiny cause

Agusto- dedicated to a cause

Agustón-dedicated to a cause

Aladino-dedicated to God

Alamar-self sacrifices, fair

Alamaro-spiritual workaholic

Alano-warrior for justice

Alanzo-determined, his own way

Alarico-guided by independence

Alberto-royal, foolish

Alcedio-guided by ambition

Alejandro-happy, humane



Alfonso-noble, ready

Alfonzze-full of himself


Alicio-foolhardy, controlling

Aloisio-war; fame

Alonso-determined, taught way

Alonzo-determined, his own way


Alvar-noble guardian

Alvaro-attention seeker

Alverlo-kinesthetic learner

Amadeo-worhips God

Amado-noticed by God

Ambroslo-competitive warrior

Anastaslo-stubborn warrior

Anatolio-new warrior

Anbessa-gossip, warrior

Andreo-ezpert warrior

Andrés-warrior, artistAngel-angelic

Angelino-active angel

Angelo-attention seeking angel

Aniceto-controlled warrior

Anselino-divine warrior

Anselmo-protected warrior

Antonio-logical warrior

Anzelmo-short sighted warrior

Aquillino-writer of records




Armando-one of the warriors



Arturo-steady, reliable


Augustino-majestic, dignified

Aureliano-thinks is one with God

Aurello-one with God

Spanish Girl Names that Start with A

Female Spanish name meanings starting with A

Abegail-competitive, competent

Abelena-competent, determined

Abril-open, receptive


Acela-sky; bright


Adda-noble, spiritual

Adelaida-noble, original, likable

Adelina-in line for nobility

Adelita-noble spirit


Adoracion-being adored

Agacia-gracious, kind

Agnes-pure, dedicated to God

Agnese-pure, dedicated to God


Agueda-kind, sweet

Aidla-dedicated to God

Alameda-natural, workaholic

Alandra-defender of humankind

Alanza-warrior for justice

Alazne-miracle, spiritual

Albertine-royal, foolish

Aldene- dediated to life

Aldonsa-logical, nice, smart

Alegria -happy, joyful

Alejandra-happy, humane

Alejandrina-happy, humane, expert

Aletea- trustworthy, honest

Alexander-defender of humankind

Alfonsa-noble, ready

Alicia-foolhardy, controlling

Alisa-foolhardy, independent

Alise-foolhardy, scattered

Alita-goal oriented, coordinated

Allyce-easily fooled, controlling


Almudena-humorist, foolhardy acts

Aloise- seeking fame, foolish

Alondra-defender, logical

Alonsa-noble, micromanages

Alslara-gives power away

Alta-high goals

Altagracia-gratitude, grateful

Alvara-noble guardian

Alvarita-seeker of truth

Alvera-kinesthetic learner

Alyce-easily fooled, controlling

Amada-loves God, spiritual

Amala-high ethics

Amalur- homebody

Amalure-homebody, generous

Amanda-loves God, benefactor

Amaranta-spiritual, grandiose

Amarilis-assured by God, deliberate

Amaris-assured by God

Amata-dearly loved

Amor-lovely, gracious

Amora-lovely, gracious, amiable

Analee- rigid, kind, empathic

Analeigh-rigid, self absorbed

Analena-structured, self-confident

Anamarie-structured, self-sacrificing

Anarosa-structured, beauty within

Andeana-generous, compassionate

Angela- angelic

Angelia-independent angel

Angelina-active angel

Angelita-little angel, messenger

Anita- gracious, kind, willowy

Anjelica-smart angel

Anunciacion-pertaining to Annunciation

Aquilina-eagle, independent

Aracell-strong minded, rebellious

Aracella-strong minded, rebellious

Arama- strong minded, spiritual

Arcella-observant, independent

Arcilla-independent, knows self


Argenta-flexible, compassionate

Aricela-on high, confident

Ariela- on high, communicative

Artura- imaginative, disillusioned

Arylola-free spirit


Asella- indecisive, determined


Atalaya-guarded, capable

Aurelia-bright, fun, balanced

Aureliana-golden, playful, egotistic

Aurkena-playful, leader, amiable

Aurkene-playful, leader, generous

Azucena-despondent, determined

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