Spanish Names that Start with B

Spanish name meanings starting with B are separated into girl names and boy names and are listed alphabetically.

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Spanish Names that Start with B

Spanish Boy Names that start with B

Baldomero-rule by boldness

Balduino-bold, protected

Baltasar-protected by God


Baltserprotected by God

Bartoll-slow to argue

Bartolo-competitive, debates

Bartolome-competitive with self

Basillo-contmplative, victorious


Baudillo-famous raven

Beltrán-contemplative, egotistic

Benedicto-benefactor, nice

Benicio-independent son

Benjamin-wants to be good son

Bernabé-competitive, sexual

Bernardo-brave like a bear

Berto-brave and bright

Bienvenido-independent thinker



Boldizasár-bold, sexy

Bolivar-competitive leader



Girl Names

Babara-obstinate, different

Barbarina-different, not cultured

Barbina-little different

Barvara-brave, trustworthy

Beatrisa-voyager; explorer


Belen-brightly shining

Belinda-shines bright in family

Belita-married to God


Benigna-prays for changes


Bernicla-cahrismatic, independent

Bethania-works hard, fruitful

Biliana-family oriented, amiable

Blanca-competes within family

Blenvenida-morning sunshine

Bonita- pretty

Bonny-skinny, good looking

Brigida-fighter, resilient

Brigidta-fighter, resilient, athletic

Brisa-breeze, windy, strong

Brisha-strong, wants freedom

Brisia-strong minded, independent

Briza-strong in own opinions

Buena-good hearted

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