Spanish Names Starting with D – E

Spanish name meanings starting with D – E are separated into girl names and boy names and are listed alphabetically. Plus, Spanish name meanings starting with D – E have the D names separated from the E names.

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Spanish Names Starting with D – E

Spanish boy names starting with D

Dacio- clarity


Damacio-young, explorer

Damario-inexperienced, young

Danilo-truth seeker


Dante-philosophical, investigator

Dantel-helpful, egotistical

Darlo-crowded,quick witted



Deloris-emotional, self-sacrificing



Democles-democratic, caring

Desi-longing, insatiable

Desiderlo-longing, insatiable

Diego-verbal teacher

Dimas-dusk, family of God

Dino-worshipful, fame

Dionisio-loved by God, life long learner


Domingo-day of rest, belongs to God

Donatello-logical, clever, thinker

Donato-given by God

Donzel-mechanical, insistent

Duardo-protector, wealth

Duarte-learns by fire

Durango-evening fame

Spanish boy names starting with E

Edgardo-noble, perfectionist

Edilbert-perfectionist, fame

Edilberto-emotional, perfectionist

Edmundo-protector of the world

Eduardo-guardian of prosperity

Efrain- free, fast, fruitful


Elia-God is my savior

Elias-learning God is my savior

Eliazar-God has helped

Elija-Saved by God

Eliseo-Jehovah is God

Ellgio-strong ego, leader

Eloy-capable, godly

Elpidio-hopeful, inspirational

Elvio-likable, friendly

Elviro- live for God

Emanuel-servant for God

Emilio-emotional rival

Eneas-scattered, continual learner

Enrique-rules the home

Enzo-playful, manifest


Erasmo-earnest, serious

Ernesto-fights, and doesn’t give up

Eron-inspired, logical

Esequiel-God strengthens


Esteban-crown, stubborn

Estebe-emotionally persistent


Estevan-crown, physical

Estevon-crown, logical

Eugenio-eternal ruler

Eurico-pious ruler

Eusebio-rich, stubborn

Eustacio-pious, stubborn, independent, unbending

Everardo-hardy, sturdy

Ezequiel-God will strengthen

Spanish girl names starting with D

Dalilia-little dweller, gift

Damita-baby princess

Dani-works with God

Delfina-woman from Delphi

Delcine-sweet, time-waster

Delene-sweet, not grounded

Delma-close to mother

Delmar-of the sea

Delmara-of the sea, amiable

Delna-noble, protector


Denisa-like a good wine

Desideria-desired, physical

Destina-form of destiny

Devera-prankster, fun-loving

Dia-day, sunny

Dianira-ruthless, pretty


Dinora- judged

Dionis-prime deity

Dionisa-womanly prime deity

Dita-go getter

Dolores-sad, sorrows, self-sacrifice

Dolorita-spirited, service to God

Domenica-reflective, service to God

Dominga-Sunday, peaceful, reflective

Dona-sweet, nobody’s fool

Doncia-nobody’s fool

Domitila-tamed, domiciled

Dorbeta-testing life, explorer

Dorotea-God’s gift

Drina-expert in life

Duena-sleepy, not all together there

Dukine-female duke

Dulce-sweet like candy

Dulcina-sweetness, sweetheart

Dulcinea-extra sugary sweet

Spanish girl names starting with E

Earlena-explorer, detective

Earlene-explorer, detective


Edenia-in the garden

Elbertina-tiny perfect angel

Eldora-gift, sunny

Eleanora-works for God

Edelmira-idealistic, noble

Elena-nosy, moon, emotional

Eleuthera-egoistic, challenged

Elicia-envious of nobility

Elina-envious of family

Elisa-God is my oath

Eloisa-healthy, solid, thinker

Elsa-oath of God

Elvera-emotionally different, foreign

Elvira-foreigner, stranger

Elvita-foreign ways, foreign thinking



Emellina-weepy, sentimental


Emilia-judgmental, sentimental


Emygdia-demigod, related to God

Encarnacion-refers to the incarnation

Enerlda-praise worthy

Engracia-good will

Enrica-queen of the house


Enriqueta-rules the home

Eréndira-emotional, reserved

Erlene-favorite princess

Erlina-noble female

Ernesta-fighter, battle until death



Esmeralda-emerald, jewel


Estebana-crowned with real jewels

Estefana-crowned with fake jewels

Estefani-emotional, stubborn

Estefania-amiable, emotional, stubborn



Estelita-little star



Esteva-crowned with jewels

Estrella-star, self-indulgent

Estrellita-little star

Eufemia-speaks well, learned

Eulalia-playful, confident


Evita-full of life

Ezmeralda-prized emerald

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