Spanish Names Starting with P and Q

Spanish name meanings starting with P are separated into girl names and boy names and are listed alphabetically.

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Spanish name meanings starting with P and Q

Spanish Boy names that Start with P and Q

Pablo-small, peaceful

Paciano-free, helpful

Paco-free, in charge of self

Pancho-fee, difficulties surmounted

Paquito-little player

Pascual-reborn, inquisitive

Pasqual-inquisitive, passive

Pastor-shepherd, caretaker

Patrico-strives to be noble

Paulino-needs to be noble

Paulo-wants to be noble

Paz-strong, stone

Pedro-playful, emotional


Pepillo-attention seeking


Pirro-peaceful, untroubled

Placido-placid, calm, still

Platon-actor, rebel

Pofirlo-seabarer, helpful

Ponce-seaman, seafarer




Quin-quaint, ruler of self

Quino-ruler, rememberable

Quinta-born fifth

Spanish Girl Names that Start with P and Q


Palmira-statuesque, friendly

Paloma-peaaceful, friendly

Paola-humble, playful

Paquita-playful, fun-loving

Pascuala-clever, inquisitive

Pastora-shepherdess, guide

Patricia-morally challenged

Pauelta-playful, egotistic, amiablePaula-small, playful

Paulita-tiny, small, playful

Paz-peaceful, tranquility

Pedra-expert, strong minded

Pepita-playful, bountiful




Placida-peaceful, tranquility

Pledad-playful, responsible

Primavera-born first


Puebla-from the town/city


Pureza-pure, arrogant

Purisima-pure, innocent, tender

Quela-curious, amiable

Querida-lovely, amiable

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