Spanish Names that Start with R

Spanish Name Meanings starting with R are separated into girl names and boy names and are listed alphabetically.

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Spanish Names that Start with R

Spanish Boy names that start with R

Rafael- healer for God

Rafaello-recognition for healer

Rai-rebellious, needs attention

Raimundo-powerful, protector, strong

Ramirez-staunch, warrior

Ramiro-ruthless, logical

Ramón-wise protector

Ramone-protector who brings hope

Raoul-wise wolf

Raul-light, humane

Rayman-logical, light

Raymon-light of the world

Raymundo-king, concerned

Reinaldo-wise ruler

Renaldo-impatient ruler

Renato-athletic ruler


Reyes-shared rulership

Reymundo-king of world

Reynaldo-wise ruler, king

Reynardo-powerful, fair

Ricardo-brave, fights for justice

Richi-fights for family

Ricky-impressive, rebel

Rico-brave, powerful

Riel-believes he is invincible

Rio-river, floats along

Riqui-noble river

Roano-bright fame

Roberto-famous wolf

Rodas-cunning as a wolf

Roderigo-famous wolf

Rodolfo-famous wolf

Rodrigo-famous spear or power

Rogelio-devoted, wishful

Rogerlo-hopeful, infamous

Rogerlos-extreme infamy

Roldan-famous land

Rolo-restful, needs attention

Rolon-logical power

Roman-extreme power

Romano-power for sake of power

Romeo-powerful desire

Spanish Girl names that start with R


Ralmunda-cheery, worldly


Ramona-ruthless, logical

Raquel-shy, follower, strong


Reina-ruler, queen

Remedios-remedy, fixer

Reyna- pure, ruler


Ria-river, easy-going

Rica-rules the home

Ricarda-rich, angry, powerful



Roderiga-notable, strong, sexy

Roldana-gold, worthy, entitled

Romana-from Rome

Rosalind-generous, beautiful

Rosalinda-generous, beautiful

Rosalinde-generous, beautiful

Rosamaria-generous, pretty, bitter

Rosamunda-beneficial to world




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