80 Warrior Names for Girls and Boys with Meanings

Every year, parents are faced with the daunting task of finding a name for their newborn child. There are so many possibilities! Warrior names have been around for centuries, and they can make your child feel empowered from day one. Here are just a few warrior-themed baby names to consider.

Best Warrior Names with Meanings

Do you want to give your child a strong name? Well, it is no secret that many cultures have warrior names. What better way to show your love for them than by giving them an empowering name?

The days of naming your son “Billy” or “Jimmy” are over. Nowadays, parents are opting for more meaningful and unique names that will last their children a lifetime. These warrior names with meanings have both meaning and personality to them. From the fierce sounding Callan (meaning battle or rock) to Koa (meaning Hawaiian for warrior), these names will make your child stand out amongst their peers in school!

Boy Names that Mean Warrior

What’s in a name? In the case of choosing warrior names for your baby, it could be everything. We’re here to help you find that perfect name by giving you some examples and meanings so you can choose something meaningful – not just trendy! We’ve compiled an incredible list of warrior-themed boy names here with their unique definitions below. Take a look and let us know which one has caught your eye or seems like the perfect fit for your little fighter!

  • Patton – Old English for “fighter’s town”

  • Ned – Old English for “well to do protector”

  • Raymond – German for “protector of men”

  • Callan – Scottish for “battle, rock”

  • Osmond – Old English “divine protector”

  • Chad – English for “battle warrior”

  • Sena – African, Hindi, Korean, Arabic, for “praise; army, bringing heaven to earth”

  • Humphrey – German for “peaceful warrior”

  • Dustin – German for “fighter”

  • Troy – Irish for “descendant of foot soldier”

  • Walter – German for “army ruler”

  • Gunther – German for “battle warrior”

  • Owen – Welsh for “young warrior; well-born”

  • Kane – Welsh for “warrior”

  • Tilly – “battle-mighty”

  • Ethan – Hebrew for “strong”

  • Evander – Scottish or Greek for “bow warrior; strong man”

  • Harvey – French for “battle worthy”

  • Roger – German for “famous warrior”

  • Marcus – Latin for “warlike”

  • Ragnar – Originated from Norse and means Warrior

  • Milo – German for “soldier or merciful”

  • Viggo – Scandinavian for “war”

  • Ansel – Hebrew for “a protector”

  • Peyton – Old English for “fighting-man’s estate”

  • Armani – Italian for “warrior”

  • Armando – French for “soldier”

  • Mark – Latin for “dark warrior”

  • Marcellus – Latin for “young warrior”

  • Maude – “battle-mighty”

  • Murphy – Irish for “sea warrior”

  • Aloysius – Latin for “famous warrior”

  • Liam – Irish for “strong-willed”

  • Harold – Scandinavian for “army ruler”

  • Alvaro – Spanish for “cautious”

  • Miles – Old English for “soldier or merciful”

  • Koa – Hawaiian for Warrior

  • Marco – Italian for “warlike”

  • Louis – French and German for “renowned warrior”

  • Harlow – English for “rock hill or army hill”

  • Marcel – French for “little warrior”

  • Nakoa – Hawaiian name for “warrior”

  • Luther – German for “army people”

  • Casey – Irish for “brave in battle”

  • Gunner – “bold warrior”

  • Oscar – Irish for “God spear, or champion warrior”

  • Aryan – Hindo or Iranian for “warrior, honorable”

  • Mordecai – Hebrew for “follower of Marduk”

  • Alex/Alexander – Greek for “protector of mankind”

  • Duncan – Scottish for “dark warrior”

  • Lewis – English for “renowned warrior”

  • Warner – Old English for “army”

  • Rainer – German for “wise army”

  • Marcus – Latin for “warlike”

  • Martin – Latin for “warlike”

Girl Names that Mean Warrior

Whether you’re looking for a name that will inspire your child to be brave and fearless, or want to honor their warrior-like ancestors with an authentic Celtic name, we have the perfect list of warrior names for girls right here:

  • Belatrix – Latin for “female warrior”

  • Mila – for female “soldier or merciful”

  • Louise – French for “renowned warrior” for females

  • Alessia – “defending warrior”

  • Kendra – Old English for “knowledge”

  • Matilda – Meaning: German for “battle-mighty”

  • Lulu – Arabic origin name for “pearl”

  • Malin – English for “strong, little warrior”

  • Edme – Scottish for “protector”

  • June – Latin for “protector of women or marriage”

  • Dealla – Irish for “protector”

  • Kelly – Irish for “war”

  • Hilda – German for “battle woman”

  • Elda – Italian for “warrior”

  • Alexa – Greek for “protector of mankind”

  • Malou – Dutch origin name for “bitter; renowned warrior”

  • Marcella – Latin for “warlike”

  • Diamond – Old English for “invincible, untamed”

  • Aloisia – German for “famous fighter”

  • Mina – Dutch for “protector”

  • Sasha – Russian for “defending men”

  • Rosetta – German for “noted protector”

  • Sandra – Greek for “protector of man”

  • Myla – German for “soldier or merciful”

With our list of warrior names, you can get some inspiration for a strong name that will suit your little one. We’ve also included the meaning and origin so you have something to think about when picking out this most important decision in your life. Whether it be because of their personality or just an appreciation from Game Of Thrones, we hope these warrior baby names inspire you!

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