Neimology Science origins

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Neimology Science origins began because of repetition. Whatever one does repeatedly, he/she can often find a shortcut to do the same thing more efficiently. In my case,it was a combination of excelling at seeing patterns and sequences, which derived from both life experiences and formal education. It started with my studies while a mathematics major in college and continued with frequent moves as an adult that helped me learn how to quickly discern what the rules and procedures were at each new location. This created an ability to effectively observe others, which was further developed by interacting with nearly five thousand people as a teacher and later an administrator. Finally, this skill to detect useful patterns has been greatly refined by my continuing work with others on their spiritual journeys.

Patterns in names

Certain patterns began to emerge in names, which I became cognizant of when creating seating charts at the beginning of my seventh year of teaching. Neimology Science origins started with making seating charts.

I automatically wanted males whose names started with the letter ‘J’ to sit where they would not distract other children and I could supervise closely. I did not want children with the first vowel of ‘U’ to sit too closely to other children who also had the first vowel of a ‘U’ as I didn’t want them to entertain each other with their playfulness. These were just a few ways I used to create seating charts to maximize an effective, disciplined classroom.

Realizing that some part of me had received impressions, I questioned what other patterns I could find. The first patterns detected were whole first names, like what every David or Julie had in common versus what the individual letters stated. However, over a period of twenty-two years in education and interacting with a multitude of people, I was able to single out the individual letters and combination of letters that were associated with different patterns.

How it started and an Example

Boost to solving secrets hidden in names

The greatest boast to this investigation was when I was hired as a Vice-Principal, in Oregon, and was responsible for disciplining high school students. Previously, as an administrator, I had always held roles where I got to be the creative problem solver and hence ‘good’ guy, thus this was a rare opportunity. I was kept so busy, that it wasn’t until after I left that job that I fully realized how valuable a gift it had been.

Before this experience, I was only able to discern the gifts or positive attributes of the letters within each name. In contrast, this new role allowed me to work with many children who wanted to skirt the rules, and their parents who did not want to see their children have consequences for their inappropriate choices. Thus, Neimology Science origins expanded to include the challenges within names, as this provided me with lots of experiential data that I could use to continue the search for patterns in both the children’s and adults’ behaviors and approaches to life. Hence, I was able to piece together many of the common challenges faced by those with certain letters, and patterns of letters, in their names.

When I left the education field, I temporarily put aside my explorations of names only to pick it up a year later.

Fifteen years of research behind Neimology™ Science

After fifteen years of combining my intellect, observational skills and experiences, and another three years of testing my observations, I put together a workshop in which to share the information. I trusted that if people found fault in my reasoning, they would challenge me and I would be able to fine-tune the system. Neimology Science original material was shared and met with enthusiasm.

Tested in over seventy countries

I also wanted to see if Neimology Science was equally affective in other countries that spoke other languages, but used our alphabetic symbols. During my travels and teaching sessions in the United States, Europe, Africa, Central America, Thailand, India, Israel, and Peru, I found that with only a few adjustments, the system of gaining knowledge about people by analyzing their names worked in these countries as well.

Sharón has been an innovative educator for over thirty years. Her travels have taken her to forty-nine states (missing Montana) in the USA and over seventy countries abroad. Back to best name meanings homepage from Neimology Science origins


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Author Sharón Lynn Wyeth

Author Sharón Lynn Wyeth

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