African Names that Start with R, S, T and U

African Names begin with R, S, T and U are shown with their traditional interpretations. However, behaviors and attitudes can also be shown for any name when Neimology® Science is used. See African Name meanings main page for short examples. African Names that Start with R Rabia- Spring Rafiki- Friend Rafiya- Dignified Raisa- Exalted, raised … Read more

African Names that Start with G, H, I and J

African names begin with G, H or I follow with their traditional name meanings. However, Neimology™ Science can give detailed information similar to what you read on the first page of African name meanings, only longer. You can order your name interpreted today. African Names that Start with G Not many African names begin with … Read more

Neimology Science Origins

Neimology Science origins began because of repetition. Whatever one does repeatedly, he/she can often find a shortcut to do the same thing more efficiently. In my case,it was a combination of excelling at seeing patterns and sequences, which derived from both life experiences and formal education. It started with my studies while a mathematics major … Read more

Spanish Name Meanings

Every culture has its own take on names. Spanish name meanings are usually derived from their Latin roots. However, some names have a different ethnicity, while others are uniquely Spanish. The list below shows each name and what it means. If you would like to know its ethnicity, then visit the tab labeled Name Almanac. … Read more

African American Baby Name Meanings

African American baby name meanings are harder to look up in other books and from other websites as many African American names are created by the parent and are uniquely a new name. Thus, they don’t appear in baby books and name books. By analyzing the letter placement in these names the personality characteristics can … Read more

Free First Name Meanings

Free first name meanings list is available where the tabs on the left say blog and in the various sections under international names. This is information that is useful to know about first names. Your first name indicates the essence of your soul. Who you would be if your world was void of environmental influences. … Read more

Spanish Names Starting with C

Spanish name meanings starting with C are separated into girl names and boy names and are listed alphabetically. Are we missing your name? You are welcome to write to us if you do not see a name here and would like for us to include it. Just fill in the box at the bottom of … Read more