Family Chinese Names that Start with F

Family Chinese names begin with F in the top 100 most popular Chinese family names start here. The most popular Chinese last names interpreted are a bit long as the environment that we grow up in is important. The most popular 100 names are listed alphabetically. Please remember that this is a snapshot of what … Read more

Giving Gifts Using Names

Giving gifts using names is easy when using Neimology™ Science. The first vowel in the first name indicates many things including your learning style, your communication style and what type of gifts are preferred. So, in the name Elizabeth, the ‘E’ would determine the category of gifts appreciated, while in the name Joyce, the ‘O’ … Read more

African Names that Start with K, L and M

African Names begin with K, L and M are show with their traditional interpretations. However, behaviors and attitudes can also be shown for any name when Neimology™ Science is used. See African Name meanings main page for short examples. African Names that Start with K, L and M African Names begin with K Kagiso- Peace … Read more

Bible Names

Bible names were important and had special meanings in Biblical times. A person’s name “revealed what was supposed to be the persons essence or true nature” according to Biblical scholar Joseph John Dewey in his book “The Immortal”. Therefore, when Moses had the chance to ask God anything, he asked him what his name was. … Read more

Muslim Names for Girls and Boys

Muslim names for girls and boys are important as their culture recognizes the significance of names. In the Bible’s book of Genesis, God began changing names. He started with Abram who became Abraham, and Sarai, who became Sarah. Abraham is considered the father of the Islamic population. Notice that the ‘H’ was added, causing the … Read more